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So what’s the deal with this tattoo of Ben Affleck? We know that the actor has a few of them, but we’re pretty sure that a particular one comes to mind when you hear the words “Ben Affleck’s tattoo”. Well, we’ll explore the strange back tattoo he had tattooed on his back and look for his general body art choices on the way there.

Ben Affleck Tattoo(s)

Although he has only a handful of tattoos, his back tattoo is by far the one that has received the most media coverage. At first glance, all the colors may seem daunting, but it looks like Ben has had a huge phoenix conjured on his back. Ben Affleck’s tattoo first appeared after his separation from his estranged wife Jennifer Garner.

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So it appeared last December, and the actor claims that there was no “good representation in the media”, so he refused to show it to the world himself. It certainly made everyone “react”, but there are some reactions out there that you just had to take note of.

Ben Affleck’s ex-girlfriends Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez both had one or two things to say about Ben Affleck’s tattoo.

In an issue of Vanity Fair, the actress made a fitting comment when asked about Ben Affleck’s tattoo: “Do you know what we would say about that in my hometown? Bless his heart. A phoenix rising from the ashes. Am I the ashes in this scenario? I take offense to that. I refuse to be the ashes. She doesn’t want credit for what appears to be a sign of his midlife crisis.

Jennifer Lopez on the other hand dropped every form of subtlety and told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Life: “It’s horrible! I mean, I would tell him that. I would tell him, “What are you doing? It has too many colors. His tattoos always had too many colors. They shouldn’t be that colorful. Do you know what I mean? They should be like, “cooler.

We’re beginning to understand where the actor came from when he said there was no “good representation in the media.” Well, in a shocking twist, Ben revealed some surprising news about his epic tattoo in an interview with Extra to promote Batman vs.

The photo that everyone saw was taken on the set of his film Live By Night, and the tattoo is fake and was made especially for this film. Well, if it is indeed a fake, then there are two Jennies out there who need to retract or restructure their statements.

Ben thinks he is a tattoo artist, there are some we can see and others we can’t see (wink), so here is a quick look through the ones we can see, Ben, reserves the right to name the others if he is ready. On his right bicep, he has a barbed wire with playing cards, he also has an upside-down cross with a diamond and Ace of Spades cards with a cross on his left arm.

We’re not done yet, he also has a mysterious tattoo with ‘OV’ on his shoulder blade, MOH NON-TE written above it, and TA OR below. The general public has no idea what they mean. We assume that the last tattoo should be “unseen”, he has a dolphin dyed with black ink on his right waist.

Ben Affleck’s Kids

Ben Affleck fathered three children with his estranged wife during their 10-year marriage. His first daughter, Violet Affleck, was born on December 1, 2005, the same year that the couple brought their acquaintances together by the sea in the Caribbean.

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It is no secret that although the estranged couple slowed down their life together, both are still actively involved in their child’s life. On Violet’s 10th birthday last year, they were spotted together on a horseback ride, most likely putting the finishing touches to preparations for Violet’s big day.

About four years after her sister, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck was born on January 6, 2009, and Seraphina was joined by Samuel Garner Affleck on February 27, 2012. The couple is still very much involved in their children’s lives, despite what may or may not be going on between them.

Ben Affleck Brother

Some of you may not know this, but there is another Affleck in Hollywood. He may not be as popular as his older brother, but he has an impressive portfolio with which he has appeared in films such as Goodwill Hunting and the trilogy The Ocean.

Casey Affleck, born on August 12, 1975, is not only an actor but also a director, screenwriter, and producer. As a teenager, he had several odd jobs, working as a car mechanic, carpenter, bookmaker, electrician, bartender, and janitor at Harvard University. So we can say that the younger Affleck has come a long way.