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Sen Sick Drama And Controversy: What Happened To Him? Reddit Explained: Sen Sickness The media covered the drama and debate extensively. What became of him?

Sen Sick is a Professional VALORANT player for the Sentinels gaming team. He is well-known for his aggressive dueling technique and exceptional playing skills.

He is regarded as a capable and professional player in the VALORANT esports scene, and he has helped guide his squad to numerous victories in tournaments and contests.

He previously played for Team Rossy, and their most recent encounter was on December 5, 2022, against Team Subroza.

SicK will participate in the VCT 2023 – Americas League in the near future. SicK has currently made a total of $114,050.00. After 6087 games, SicK has a rating of 1.17.

He was named as a replacement player for the Sentinels following roster mania last year. He hasn’t played competitively since May of last year.

Sen Sick Drama And Controversy: What Happened To Him? Reddit Explained

Sen Sick discusses his drama and controversy on his YouTube account, according to Reddit.

The majority of fans who observed the player’s live broadcast during the game described him as hyperactive and asked about his drug use in the remark section.

The gamer denied the charge, claiming that he usually talks in this manner and that no addictive substance was consumed.


The Sentinels player also referenced receiving mental health treatment.

The gamer also addressed accusations of infidelity with his ex-girlfriend, which he refuted by stating that, despite their open relationship, he was faithful throughout.

He also discusses the Kyedae controversy and other topics. According to the player, Kyedae’s predicament is being discussed privately. He has, however, addressed the situation with his friend.

According to the gamer, the problem started when the female gamer showed up at the wrong Valorant Championship Tour Brazil event location.

Because he was assisting the gamer girl in entering the stadium, the e-sports athlete felt disrespected by the staff and his own friend’s actions throughout the tour. Nonetheless, the security employees were not cooperating with him.

Is Sen Sick Arrested?

According to Collin County jail inmate records, Ses Sick was arrested on March 4 in Texas for criminal trespassing.

He had been imprisoned for two days and was still in custody at the time of publishing. After being charged with a Class B Misdemeanor, he was imprisoned on a $5,000 bond. He is presently being held in the Collin County Jail in Dallas, Texas.

Sen Sick Drama And Controversy: What Happened To Him? Reddit Explained

According to The Law Office of Andrew Williams, he could face a $2,000 fine or a 180-day jail term.

He was arrested following an altercation at a Ferrari dealership that he made public on his Twitter account.

Sen refused to exit the dealership after a worker asked him to do so, according to Dot Esports.

He called the company “disrespectful” and admitted that the police were engaged.

According to sources, Sen is dealing with domestic issues. Several other players, as well as his family and friends, have contacted the athlete. Former teammate ShahZam has publicly asked that he return his phone calls.