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It has often been said that marriage to a Hollywood star is not an easy task, that it is a blessing that you sometimes don’t want. Well, if marriage to a movie star really does have advantages and disadvantages, then Erin Payne is definitely one of the women who can easily testify to that.

Many Hollywood wives are very open with their marriages, some even go so far as to do a reality show. But Erin falls into the ranks of the very private Hollywood wives who believe that it is easier to protect your relationship by keeping her out of the public eye. So who is she, apart from being married to the handsome and talented movie star Jake Johnson? How does she manage to be married to someone who’s in the spotlight? The following things we can tell about her.

Bio – Who is Erin Payne, Jake Johnson’s Wife?

First of all, some of the remarkable films of her handsome husband are Jurassic World, Digging for Fire, Redbelt, Ceremony, Paper Heart, No Strings Attached, and many others. Jake Johnson has also been featured in television shows such as “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “The Unit”, “No Activity” and “We Bare Bears”.

Not much is known about the full names of Erin Payne and the names and occupations of her parents. Where her parents came from, whether they are dead or alive, where she was born, what her upbringing was about, what high school and college she attended, and even if she has siblings or not, the public is not aware of them.

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Although she led a very private life, the little information she revealed about herself and her relationship with Jake Johnson could not answer the many questions people asked about her. It is said that the beautiful lady is in her late 40s. Although her date of birth is not known, it is believed that she was probably born in 1971 or 1970. Based on the physical characteristics of Erin Payne, one can quickly assume that she has her roots in Asia, more precisely in the Far East.

Jake once referred to her relationship as something that had existed for a while before the public’s attention was drawn to her. But then he refused to clarify what “a while” actually means. Nevertheless, there are several reports that Erin and Jake tied the knot back in 2006. This means that the couple’s love has lasted for over a decade. Just as the date of their engagement has not been revealed, it is also not known how this beautiful couple met.

Amidst all the secrecy of the couple, it is known that they have children. They are said to have conceived a pair of twins (Rachel Johnson and Dan Johnson) sometime in 2014.

Other Facts to Know About Her

1. This pretty wife of actor Jake Johnson is an American artist/painter. She won the 2012 New American Painting Reader’s Choice. This shows that she is not only a pretty face – she is a beauty with brains. Her very secretive husband has used social media to congratulate her and to show how proud he is of his wife’s success.

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2. There was a time when Jake Johnson revealed that his relationship with Erin Payne began when the door to Hollywood was slammed in his face. If you are lucky enough to be with someone who loves you for yourself, Jake found that luck with Erin.

3. Her husband is not only an actor but also a good comedian. He was born on May 28, 1978, and his name was Mark Jake, Johnson Weinberger. Unlike Erin, it is known that Jake was born in Evanston Illinois as the son of Ken Weinberger and Eve Johnson. Interestingly, his mother is also an artist. Jake is of mixed origin, his father grew up in an Ashkenazi-Jewish home, while his mother’s ancestry can be traced to Poland, Ireland, and England.

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4. We can also state that her husband was a student at Winnetka’s New Trier College. From this school, he transferred to the University of Iowa and later on to the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

5. The zodiac sign of Erin is Leo. This brunette beauty enjoys a private and wonderful relationship with her fine husband.