Who Was Ms Jacky Oh? All About D.C. Young Fly’s Partner


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Ms Jacky Oh was a famous American star who made a name for herself on reality TV, as a model, and on social media. You might recognize her from her time on Wild ‘N Out.

Ms. Jacky Oh was a big hit on Instagram and YouTube, where she posted adorable pictures and videos. Her Instagram fanbase was huge, with over 850,000 followers. Want to know more about her life and career?

Key Takeaways

  • Ms. Jacky Oh, a renowned American star, gained fame through reality TV, modeling, and social media.
  • She tragically passed away in Miami after undergoing a mommy makeover surgery.
  • Jacky Oh, a beloved member of MTV’s ‘Wild ‘N Out’ for five seasons, left behind three children.
  • Her diverse career included entrepreneurship, with a net worth of $1 million.

Former “Wild ‘N Out” star Ms Jacky Oh! has died

Who Was Ms Jacky Oh? All About D.C. Young Fly's Partner
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A star from MTV’s ‘Wild ‘N Out‘ sadly passed away in Miami. Reports suggest she was there for a surgery called a ‘mommy makeover,’ as mentioned in a now-deleted social media post. The exact cause of her death remains unknown.

The official Instagram page of ‘Wild ‘N Out’ shared the news on Thursday, expressing deep sorrow over the loss of Jacklyn Smith, known as Jacky Oh. She was a valued member of the ‘Wild ‘N Out” family for five seasons and a cherished friend to many. Above all, she was a wonderful mother to three children.

According to Stanford Medicine, a mommy makeover surgery is a personalized mix of procedures based on what the patient wants. It might include things like a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift, and liposuction.

Ms. Jacky Oh’s biography

Who Was Ms Jacky Oh? All About D.C. Young Fly's Partner
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The internet sensation was born in Oakland, California, USA, and grew up with her sister. As of 2023, Jacky was 32 years old, born on November 3, 1990, making her a Scorpio.

She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a bachelor’s degree.

What is Ms Jacky Oh’s ethnicity?

The reality TV star has Brazilian roots and comes from a mixed background. Her dad is Black, and her mom is White.

What did Ms Jacky Oh do for a living?

Who Was Ms Jacky Oh? All About D.C. Young Fly's Partner
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Besides being on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out, the actress was a well-known social media figure and YouTuber. She had her own YouTube channel, posting various stuff like modeling shots, family moments, and acting clips.

This added to a huge following, with over 704,000 subscribers and 64 million views on her YouTube channel.

Ms. Jacky was also a thriving entrepreneur. She launched her lip gloss line called J Nova Collection in October 2019. Her collection featured lip glosses, velour shorts, lip liners, lashes, and more, all available on her website, jnovacollection.com.

Who’s Jacky Oh from Wild ‘N Out? She was part of the cast on the MTV reality show. Wild ‘N Out is a comedy and improved game series in the U.S., created and hosted by Nick Cannon, who is a musician and comedian.

Personal life

Who Was Ms Jacky Oh? All About D.C. Young Fly's Partner
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The famous TV star was in a relationship with rapper DC Young Fly, who was also on the MTV show Wild ‘N Out with her. Jacky Oh and DC Young Fly got together not long after meeting on the TV show, and they have two daughters.

Their first daughter, Nova, was born on October 16, 2016. Ms. Jacky announced her second pregnancy on Instagram, and on August 7, 2020, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Nala.

Net Worth

Ms. Jacky Oh, a talented model, actress, and TV personality, had a net worth of $1 million.

Where is Ms Jacky Oh’s family?

Her family lives in California.

Ms. Jacky Oh was a well-liked and talented person and a mom who loved being with her kids and partner. She also enjoyed keeping up with trends by wearing different stylish wigs.

Quick Facts

1. Who was Ms Jacky Oh? Jacklyn Smith was a former cast member of the comedy show Wild ‘N Out.

2. What was Ms Jacky Oh known for? She, whose real name was Jacklyn Smith, was a reality TV star known for her appearances on shows like “Wild ‘N Out”.

3. How old was Ms Jacky Oh when she died? She passed away at the age of 32.

4. What was the cause of Ms Jacky Oh’s death? Complications from cosmetic surgery.

5. What type of cosmetic surgery did Ms Jacky Oh have? Reports suggest she underwent a “mommy makeover,” but specific details haven’t been confirmed.

6. Where did Ms Jacky Oh have the surgery? Miami, Florida.

7. When did Ms Jacky Oh die? She passed away on May 31st.

8. Did Ms Jacky Oh have children? Yes, Jacky Oh and her longtime partner, comedian DC Young Fly, had three children together.

9. How many seasons of Wild ‘N Out was Ms Jacky Oh on? Jacky Oh was a cast member of Wild ‘N Out for five seasons.

10. What did Ms Jacky Oh do after Wild ‘N Out? After leaving Wild ‘N Out, Jacky Oh launched her lip gloss line and pursued a career in real estate.

11. Who was Ms. Jacky Oh and what caused her death? Ms. Jacky Oh, a star from MTV’s ‘Wild ‘N Out,’ tragically passed away in Miami after undergoing a mommy makeover surgery, leaving behind three children.

Wrap Up

In memory of Ms. Jacky Oh, her vibrant career across TV, social media, and entrepreneurship left an indelible mark. With her passing, she leaves behind a legacy of talent, resilience, and love for her family, forever cherished by fans worldwide.