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Not a day will go by in American football that Peyton Manning isn’t mentioned. He is an accomplished American footballer with two wins in the Super Bowl, many collective and individual awards to his credit that show just how good he is on the field, and his private life is also prosperous off the field, having won the love of Ashley Thompson Manning, his ever-supportive and devoted wife, both on and off the field.

But who is Ashley Thompson Manning really? We’ll find out the good things about her here and the not-so-good things that border on the controversy she has recently been associated with. As expected, she was denied by her husband. You’ll also find a lot of interesting facts about her that you haven’t heard before, so read on.

Background Information On Ashley Thompson Manning

Ashley was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on December 2, 1980, as one of four children of Bill and Marsha Thompson and named Louisa Ashley Thompson. Her siblings include her older sister Allison, her younger brother Will and her sister Leigh. Her father was an investment banker and a commercial real estate developer, while his wife took care of the children at home.

Ashley Thompson Manning Relationship With Peyton: 5 Facts You Must Know
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She studied finance and marketing at the University of Virginia and graduated in 1997. Throughout her school years, she distinguished herself as a gifted student and actively participated in cultural and fundraising campaigns organized by her school whenever necessary. This was in her college days.

With her innate marketing skills, she worked for many charity campaigns and even became a member of the Ascensus Society, the Girl Scout Cookie Program, and managed to win several cookie rewards in a row. At one point she was honored for collecting the most in a charity campaign where she returned everything without withholding anything.

After graduating in 1997, she began her career by entering the real estate development business, and over the years her business flourished with plans to open new stores in more cities.

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Relationship With Peyton: 5 Facts You Must Know

1. First Meeting: The two lovers were introduced to each other. Ashley was introduced to her husband by her neighbor’s parents in 1993 before her first year of study at the university. The two immediately took a liking to each other and became college lovers. On March 17, 2001, they did the right thing in Memphis by tying the wedding cord.

2. Parents to Twins:  The marriage between them resulted in the birth of a beautiful pair of twins. Ashley gave birth to twins – son Marshall Williams and daughter Mosley Thompson on March 31, 2011. The father and mother of the twins value their right to privacy very much and have decided not to make their twins the subject of celebrity news or gossip.

3. Encouragement: By the time Peyton played for the Indianapolis Colts, he had multiple neck injuries that justified going under the knife. At one point he considered giving up the sport, doubting that he could ever be strong enough to play again.

It was Ashley Thompson Manning who encouraged him to try harder and not to stop. Peyton was encouraged and gradually he came back to playing.

Ashley Thompson Manning Relationship With Peyton: 5 Facts You Must Know
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Aside from supporting and encouraging her husband to play football, Ashley’s interest was not limited to football, but she also joined a group of investors that included Justin Timberlake, Penny Hardway, and Harold Ford Jr.

4. Drug Use: According to a report circulated by Al Jazeera, especially the prominent parents, Peyton, is said to have been involved in drugs. The report claimed that Peyton had been using illegal performance-enhancing drugs during the time he played for the Colts, a substance he ships with Ashley’s name on it, so there will be no trace of it to him.

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He denied the use of such substances, and when the report aired Ashley came forward to show documents showing that she was indeed the one using the human growth hormone (HGH) drugs and not her husband, as claimed by Al Jazeera.

5. Cheating Rumours:  After the Mannings were accused of drug use, there were rumors, from unreliable online sources, that Peyton was actually cheating on Ashley and that their marriage was rapidly breaking up. The rumors, however, met their quick death when the couple was sighted separately at public events to which they were invited.

Peyton Manning retired from football for health reasons and his decision to retire was again strongly encouraged by his wife, and this has since proved a wise decision.