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He is physically equipped in all the right places, but the only thing that has helped Daniel Preda in his profession as a role model is the social media platforms on which he has become very popular. The Internet sensation is approaching one million followers on Instagram and also has a remarkable presence on Twitter. However, he does not spread his charm on YouTube, although he does appear on his friend’s channel from time to time.

You may know him as MisterPreda (his online name), but the American model has more to offer than what he reveals on social media. Here you will find everything you need to know about Daniel Preda.

Things To Know About Daniel Preda, The Instagram Star

Early Life

On December 16, 1992, the Instagram star was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and christened Daniel Christopher Preda. He has always shied away from talking about his personal life, so very little is known about his family and origins. There is also no concrete information about his educational background. Nevertheless, we can confirm that he is American by nationality and was raised by alcoholic parents.

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It is quite safe to classify Daniel Preda as a very successful model. It is not clear when his journey into the modeling industry began, but he is currently under contract with Model Maggie Inc. and Elite. Apart from his social media accounts, he also has a lifestyle blog where he posts pictures and writes about fashion, modeling, travel, lifestyle, and everything else. On his Twitter handle, he identifies himself as a writer and producer.

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Social Media Presence

Being a star in social media is the icing on the cake of Daniel’s chosen career. He joined the Twitter community in June 2009, and in 2012 he set up his Instagram account, which is currently giving other stars on the platform a run for their money. His Instagram account has more than 941 thousand followers, while he has well over 144 thousand fans on Twitter.

Daniel became popular on social media platforms after his relationship with Internet sensation and YouTube personality Joey Graceffa was born. According to the model, he was not very familiar with the YouTube community until he met Joey, and since then he has had several appearances in Joey’s YouTube videos, including his coming-out video entitled “Don’t Wait”.

Relationship Timeline

Daniel Preda is openly gay, but it is not known that he reveals details about his relationships online until he met Joey Graceffa. The two lovers are both from Boston, but they did not meet there but much later in life. Another common ground is that they were both raised by alcoholic parents. Joey is the only friend Daniel has introduced to his family and online fans.

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On Valentine’s Day 2016, the two lovebirds came out as a gay couple. The fact that their relationship became official confirmed the speculation that had accumulated among their numerous fans, as they had been dating long before they came out. Initially, they wanted to keep their relationship under wraps and away from the prying eyes of the public, which was not a good thing given their popularity. Some internet detectives made it their business to notice everything, even when Joey was seen in Daniel’s clothes. As a result, Daniel had to seal his Twitter and Instagram accounts after his partner’s fans started following him.

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When they finally decided to share their love life with the fans, they went on YouTube with a video called “Our Love Story” in which Daniel told the juicy details about how they met and why they didn’t want to go public at first. As expected, they met online and later met in a bar in Los Angeles, whereupon their love story began. Daniel got a foretaste of great popularity when he became friends with Joey, who is already super famous on YouTube.

The couple lives together in Los Angeles, California, together with their two dogs Wolf and Storm.

Daniel Preda Body Stats

Daniel Preda is undoubtedly in possession of breathtaking physical attributes, which are necessary for his career as a model. He is as tall as 1.87m (6ft 1in), weighs 81kg, and has athletically shaped abs. His hair color is dark brown, while his eyes are hazel.