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Allegra Cole is a sensational American Internet celebrity and the model who made the leap to fame because it was “boob greedy”. She is popularly known as one of the women with the biggest breasts, whose goal now is to help other mothers to strengthen their power and regain their beauty.

Although it is her 54-inch breasts that always attract all the attention, the model is also a former piano teacher, mother, and businesswoman. There is even more about her.

Allegra Cole Biography

Allegra Cole was born on May 24, 1969, in the USA as the son of a family that strictly upholds and respects the tradition and culture of the Mormon Church. She grew up in Utah.

At a very tender age, Allegra developed a feeling for music and fell in love with it. This drove her to learn the piano. It did not take long before she began to play it in concerts.

Cole would then take a job as a music and piano teacher. But beyond that, she had always wanted bigger breasts, so she had an enlargement operation, which gave her 800 ccs more, increasing her breasts to 34 DDD.

Apparently, Allegra Cole felt comfortable in them and enjoyed the attention she received from the pictures she showed on the Internet. She went under the knife again and this was paid for with the money she earned by replacing her pictures almost 10 years after the first procedure. She enlarged her breasts to 2000 cc. After that, she decided to become a glamour model.

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When Allegra finished the second procedure, she woke up with the feeling that she had an elephant on her chest. But not yet satisfied with the size, she decided to have another breast augmentation, sponsored by someone she met through a website where women could have breast surgery for free. Now she weighs 20 pounds and the breasts, which she can inflate herself, can reach an alarming 3,600 cc in one breast and an even higher 4,000 cc in the other.

Despite her age, Allegra Cole is still not finished with the growth of her breasts. More than that, she is working on collecting donations to help other women who are also interested in getting bigger.

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Other Facts About The Internet Celeb And Model

1. Family Background and Religious Beliefs

As mentioned above, Allegra was born and raised in a family that is strictly and strongly bound to the Mormon faith. She revealed that while growing up as a young girl, she was protected by her conservative parents and was not exposed to the world. She still believes in the basic values of the Mormons, even if she does not live by some of their principles.

2. Husband and Children

Cole is a married woman who has walked twice down the aisle to the altar. Despite her religious background, she was exposed to sex at a very early age and she got married for the first time when she was very young. In this marriage, she gave birth to three children before she ended up with the death of her husband. After that, she met Dyson Salleh, a man 10 years younger than her. He was introduced to Allegra Cole by friends, and more than two decades later the two are still together. She now has a total of eight children.

3. Feminism

The Internet model describes herself as a person of extreme aesthetics and also sees herself as a feminist who has made it her mission to enable women to feel comfortable and beautiful even after they have become mothers. She tries to raise money through crowdfunding to support women who want to get back in shape with enlarged breasts after the birth of children through surgery. Allegra Cole also described her husband as a feminist who believes in what she is doing and who loves and values her body and her large breasts.

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4. She is not interested in a career in the Adult industry

Because of the size of her breasts, Allegra has been approached in the past to venture into the adult industry. However, she declined the offer because she does not want to go into p*rnography or even stripping. According to her, she is only interested in improving her aesthetics while modeling on the Internet.

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5. Her boob jobs have not been problem-free

In 2018, Allegra Cole appeared on the reality TV show Botched, where she met with celebrity doctors to straighten her breasts that were crooked due to her weight.

6. Net Worth

The American blonde earns about $100,000 annually by modeling and posting sexy pictures on the Internet. Her exact net worth is not yet known, but there are indications that with her growing fan base and popularity she could be in the six-figure range. She is also CEO of Acole Industries.