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Anne Steves is an American celebrity known as the ex-wife of Rick Steves, a publishing author, and media personality, best known as the author of several travel guides and as the host of the travel documentary TV series Rick Steves’ Europe, a PBS show. The lovely couple was together for several years before their relationship suddenly broke up and ended in divorce, which was finalized in 2010.

After their divorce, Anne Steves became a person of interest as Rick’s teeming fans wanted to know more about her and the reasons for her divorce. In this article, we have gathered everything you need to know about the Tour Master’s little-known ex-wife, her biography, their relationship, family, and other interesting facts.

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Anne Steves – Bio

This gorgeous lady was born a few years ago as Ann Steves in the United States of America. However, since she is a very private person, not much is known about the date and year of her birth. Also, there is no information about her childhood, her family, and her siblings. We already know that she is American by nationality and also belongs to a white racial background.

As for her education, Anne Steves has kept the details of her educational background secret and has not given any such information to the media. She must have attended the best schools, but the institutions and certificates she has obtained are not currently known. Obviously, Anne Steves has not pursued a career in the performing arts and there is absolutely no idea what she does for a living. However, she has risen to the mainstream through her association with television star Rick Steves.

Family: Husband and Kids

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Anne Steves’ ex-husband Rick Steves is an American author, media personality, and travel writer. He is known for being the host of the European tour guide show “Rick Steves’ Europe” and the radio show “Travel with Rick Steves”. He has also published several travel guides.

Rick was born on May 10, 1955, in the California suburb of Barstow in the United States. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington. Since graduating, Rick has held a variety of positions, including teaching travel courses at his alma mater and serving as a piano teacher. He published his first travel guide, Europe Through the Back Door, in 1979, after which he continued to work as a tour guide for people traveling to various parts of Europe during the summer.

In 1991, however, he launched his first television show, Travelling in Europe with Rick Steves. The show began in April 1991 and ran until 1998, and his next television show, Rick Steves’ Europe premiered in September 2000 and ended in 2018 after ten seasons. Rick is also a political activist and a democrat. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he was a great supporter of Hillary Clinton.

The couple began their relationship several years ago. In the meantime, it is not publicly known when and how they met. After many years of a successful relationship, the couple decided to seal their love in a marital union. They made the covenant in the presence of their friends and family members at St. Thomas of Villanova, whereupon they held a reception party at the Saint David Gold Club.

Their union produced two children – a son, Andy Steves, and a daughter, Jackie Steves. Their children are now adults and successful in their chosen field of activity. Andy followed the same path as his father and founded a travel company, Weekend Adventures Europe. He has also created a travel guide called Andy Steves’ Europe: city hopping on a budget. Like their parents, their children spend most of their time traveling and researching travel guides that help travelers. The Steves also has a blog where they exchange relevant information about different travel destinations in Europe.

Anne Steves Divorce

While the happy couple was in a flourishing relationship, a number of problems developed in their marriage. Anne Steves and her husband tried their best to repair their relationship, but their efforts to save their marriage were in vain as they decided to divorce. Their divorce proceedings were completed in 2010, and the couple cited insurmountable differences as the reason for their divorce.

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Since then, there has been no news about Anne’s further relationships, as she decided to stay away from the prying eyes of the media. Rick, on the other hand, has focused on his career and has not remarried to this day.

Other Interesting Facts About Rick Steves Ex-Wife

1. Anne Steves is a very private person and likes to keep a low profile, which explains why there is a lack of information about her date of birth, educational background, family, and other details.

2. She has lived her own dreams and acquired a huge fortune; however, her fortune is still under review. Her ex-husband currently has a considerable net worth of $10 million.

3. Rick Steve’s ex-wife is medium height; she is 5’8″ tall, has a corresponding body weight of 58 kg, and a slim build.