Anthony Edwards ‘Wasn’t Cool’ With Coming of Team USA Bench


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Anthony Edwards ‘Wasn’t Cool’ With Coming of Team USA Bench: In a surprising turn of events Minnesota Timberwolves’ rising star Anthony Edwards has undergone a transformation on Team USA’s roster. The focus has been squarely on Anthony Edwards as he gears up for the FIBA World Cup opener against New Zealand this Saturday.

Standing out with an impressive average of 19.2 points across five pre-tournament exhibition games the 22-year-old has rapidly solidified his position as a key player. However, the journey to his current prominence wasn’t without its share of twists.

At the helm of Team USA Coach Steve Kerr had initially envisioned a different role for Anthony Edwards. He had strategized to deploy Anthony Edwards as an impact player coming off the bench reserving the starting spot for sharpshooter Cam Johnson from the Brooklyn Nets.

Unveiling the behind-the-scenes dynamics Anthony Edwards revealed that Coach Kerr had engaged him in a pre-camp discussion. Drawing parallels to the legendary Dwyane Wade’s sacrifice in the 2008 Olympics Kerr emphasized the value of a versatile player who can make an impact even as a reserve.

His understanding of this proposition was not an affront to his fellow teammates who may not carry the star power of the iconic 2008 Redeem Team. This particular iteration of Team USA showcases emerging talents such as Anthony Edwards himself alongside Jalen Brunson Tyrese Haliburton Jaren Jackson Jr. Austin Reaves and Brandon Ingram.

The distinction between eras is evident; the 2008 team boasted basketball luminaries like Kobe Bryant LeBron James Chris Paul Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard.

The pinnacle of Anthony Edwards’ assertion within Team USA came during a riveting exhibition match against Germany. Displaying unwavering prowess he spearheaded his team with a remarkable 34-point performance.

The final quarter of the game saw Anthony Edwards contributing 12 crucial points sealing a resounding 99-91 victory. This virtuoso performance underlined Anthony Edwards’ capacity to seize the spotlight and deliver when it matters most.

In the aftermath of this defining game, Coach Kerr didn’t mince words when talking about Anthony Edwards. The young forward had in Kerr’s view evolved into “the guy” to watch out for.

This sentiment was corroborated by forward Mikal Bridges and assistant coach Erik Spoelstra. Spoelstra in particular voiced a bold prediction asserting that Anthony Edwards was on track to become a household name if he hadn’t become one already.

As the anticipation builds Team USA’s inaugural FIBA World Cup game against New Zealand looms on the horizon. Scheduled for a Saturday showdown at 8:40 a.m. ET this match sets the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating tournament journey.

Subsequent group-stage encounters against Greece and Jordan are slated for Monday and Wednesday respectively adding to the excitement. For the complete schedule and real-time updates refer here.

Amidst the evolving dynamics of Team USA’s roster, He has undeniably emerged as a focal point overcoming initial reservations to carve out his niche. As the FIBA World Cup inches closer all eyes are on Edwards and his transformative journey on the international stage.