Being A Virgin Doesn’t Make You A Wife Material- Ossai Ovie Slams Ashmusy Over Virginity Claims


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Ovie Ossai Achievement, Delta State’s deputy legislative chief, derides Ashmusy for her virginity claims.

Remember how the drama creator discovered his virginity to the world on his web-based entertainment profile a few days earlier?

Meanwhile, Ovie Ossai has challenged her, saying that being a virgin does not guarantee that an individual will be a decent spouse.

The right hand also mentioned that by proclaiming it, she is putting her virginity at risk, in light of the fact that horrible men are out there who might try to take it from her.

Recall that it was recently revealed that virtual entertainment is a force to be reckoned with and noted Nigerian producer Amarachi Amusi, or Ashmusy, revealed why she figured out how to keep her virginity regardless of temptations.

On his confirmed Instagram feed, Ashmusy posted pictures from his tour of Ghana. She communicated her happiness at having kept her well-established promise to remain a virgin until marriage.

She, however, trusted that her future spouse would fulfill the promise in a confident letter.

She wrote: I pledged to remain a virgin until marriage 😍

I’m so glad I kept that commitment 😩
dear future husband, I want to believe that you deserve the break 🥺

Ashmusy’s claim has caused discussion online, as certain people think she did it jokingly.

No one needed to marry a virgin again, a composition by Chidiadi. Significant investments are not affordable to show someone how to do things.

A few months earlier, Ashmusy discussed how she nearly died while filming a sketch. She admitted that while filming a scene by the sea, she nearly suffocated.

“Guys, I nearly suffocated in the ocean. My life just flashed before my own special eye while making oo content.

“Before they could send me a rope and save me, I was falling. I was simply saying, dear God, forgive my transgression and acknowledge me in your bloom, please.

“The main thing on my mind was that my mother would cry so much. At one point, I apologized to everyone I was furious with. I was ready. I simply needed to break free from the sun and find God.

“This life is one way or another ooo, make sure we’re not difficult for each other. Anyone can go whenever they want.

“I didn’t suffocate and die because, claiming I held a boat with my fingertip.”

She later found out that she needed to go to the clinic after being saved because she was hydrating.

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