Biography, Net Worth, Earnings of Japanese Billionaire Keishi Kameyama


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Keishi Kameyama is one of the richest figures in Japan, with a net worth of $3.5 billion.

Keishi Kameyama is a Japanese businessman and president of the Internet company He is a billionaire who made his initial fortune in pornography. He founded in 1999 and now serves as its president. is a Japan-based Internet and e-commerce company with diversified businesses, including online shopping, eikaiwa, and video-on-demand service. The company got its start in pornography and adult entertainment. So now, they have become a vast collection of companies.

Being one of the renowned names, Kameyama has also attracted the attention of many people. People on the Internet are eager to know about his fortune, but first, let’s explore the personal details of him.

Who is Keishi Kameyama? Your age and birth details

Keishi Kameyama was born in March 1961, making him 61 years old. He is a native of Kaga, Ishikawa, Japan. He grew up in a small seaside town in Japan. Kameyama’s parents ran a cabaret where men paid for the entertainment of the company of the club’s hostesses in the hope that it would lead them to sex.

The women who worked at the club often lived in the family home and dined with them. Also, Kameyama was studying at an accounting school, but she dropped out around 1980. After that, she went from one job to another. Initially, he worked as a partially nude dancer at a gay male strip club.

In addition, he looked for work in a hospital washing corpses. Instantly, she opened a video rental store. By the time Kameyama was in his early 20s, he owned several video rental stores. But the Japanese version of Blockbuster moved into his town and he knew he couldn’t compete. After that, Kameyama started making movies instead of renting them. His work went smoothly and he has now made a name for himself.

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Keishi Kameyama’s net worth is in the billions

According to celebrity net worth, Keishi Kameyama has a net worth of around $3.5 billion. Kameyama earned most of his earnings from his company called As previously stated, Kameyama founded in 1999.

Within a decade, more than a million Internet users were paying to see Kameyama’s films. With all those eyeballs glued to his spot, Kameyama started looking for other things that his mostly male viewers might want to buy. In 2009, she bought a struggling online stock brokerage and, after a nearly $100 million overhaul, turned it into Japan’s most popular platform for retail investors selling foreign currencies.

That turned DMM into a virtual Las Vegas, catering to some of people’s most basic obsessions: sex and money. After that, Kameyama turned to more familiar businesses.

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Income of DMM’s Keishi Kameyama

Keishi Kameyama is earning a large amount of money. Many of Kameyama’s ideas have helped him preserve a great fortune. He does not reveal his earnings. However, Kameyama says there is enough to fund all the new business without going public with DMM.

With DMM’s revenue rising 30 percent annually, adult entertainment is becoming a smaller and smaller part of its expanding universe. His company, DMM, has more than 35 million registered users. So having an impressive fortune, Kameyama maintains a quality life. He is married and lives happily with his wife and his two children.