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The name Brett Ambler doesn’t come to mind easily when you compile a list of child celebrities. But for people who grew up in the 80s and early 90s, he could be a bell. A distant ringing of the bell, though. Brett Ambler played the lead in a commercial for Melissa and Doug, a toy company.

The commercial was called Special Friends: Starring you on Kazoo. It was shot in 1989 and earned Brett the nickname Kazoo Kid. But along with a few more career steps, Brett was forgotten over time. He is, unfortunately, one of the promising child stars who unfortunately never reached the heights of their contemporaries.

The video of the Kazoo commercial reappeared sometime in 2016 and was used by DJs in song remixes and social media as memes. This gave the Kazoo Kid a new lease of life as people tried to find out who the kid was and what he was up to right now.

Brett Ambler Bio, Age, Family

Brett Ambler, also known as the Kazoo Kid, was born on December 8, 1984, in Redding, Connecticut, where he grew up. It is not known if Brett always had the dream to be an actor or entertainer in any capacity, but the Kazoo commercial seemed to be a step in the right direction.

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He decided to audition for a commercial that would focus on the first product of a toy company. He took part, as he had imagined many other children would, and won the commercial in the end. The commercial was about 30 minutes long and was shot in 1989. It was about a child who found some random friends and started to play an instrument called “Kazoo” with them. Brett Ambler was only eight years old at the time.

In the ’90s Brett Ambler played two voiced roles. The first was entitled Best Silly Stories and Songs Videos Ever. The second was entitled If I Ran A Zoo. He is still an actor in a rather passive role. He played a role as Buddy Holly in the Buddy Holly story production in Colorado.

Brett Ambler Height and Quick Facts

Brett Ambler Facts
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So how exactly did the Kazoo Kid make it back into the spotlight? It was a series of events that started back in 2011.

In March 2011 a part of the You On Kazoo video was uploaded to YouTube by a YouTuber Jim VanBlarium. Three years later, a YouTube channel called Dead VCR posted a revised version of the episode on YouTube. Over the next two years, the video was expected to get over half a million hits and over 2000 comments.

brett ambler during an interviewDissemination continued when editor Mikesicle released the video in October 2015 and within three months it received 99 percent of the votes (420 votes) and about 60 comments. A techno remix with the audio of the commercial also appeared on SoundCloud, posted by user Florian Olsson.

Other YouTube users named Grant NOT The Flash Gustin and Gumble Dog have posted two editions of the video, three weeks apart, in November 2015. The true moment of glory finally came on January 20, 2016, when the Hood Vines Facebook page got its hands on the video. Their posting of the video collected over 2 million hits and 38,000 releases within 24 hours.

By this time Brett’s identity had already been revealed by editor “grahamthefalcon” on October 25, 2015. In December 2015 Ambler responded to a tweet confirming that he was the child from the commercial.

After his identity was revealed, he was hounded on Facebook with questions about the commercial and his childhood. His answers to these questions revealed that it was his elementary school teacher who had informed his class about the auditions. He recalls that the producers were impressed by his ability to act silly in front of the camera and felt comfortable doing so.

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He also explained the craziness in the tone of the commercial and explained that all male voices were dubbed. All-female voices were dubbed by producer Melissa. Brett, the way he spins, is still able to play the kazoo excellently after his confession. At this reappearance, many people went out and bought a kazoo. This triggered a “kazoomania” that lasted for a while. The carnival also reconnected with some of the other children who were part of the occupation.

Brett also revealed that he is still involved in acting and music. In February 2016 he revealed that he was working on a children’s play production about Junie B. Jones. On a lighter note, he talked about his favorite song on Kazoo and said he was willing to do a “Kazoo jam session” with anyone who was willing to do it.

Information such as height and weight is not known to Brett Ambler. However, from his photo and the pictures on the internet, it is known that his hair is curly and brown and also his eyes.