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It would not be entirely wrong to compare the story of the life and experiences of Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky with the proverbial story of the rise from grass to grace. He came from humble beginnings, both parents worked as low-income earners, and according to Brian, he was always broke and continued to lose weight even though he did not have much weight to dispose of.

In October 2007, when San Francisco hosted the Industrial Designers Society of America, Brian and his co-founder Gebbia bought an air bed for their apartment and rented it out when no accommodation could be found and all hotel rooms were fully booked. With so much debt and rising rents staring them in the face, the duo even sold Obama & McCain breakfast cereals at 40 per box at the 2008 Democratic Convention just to survive.

Today, Brian Chesky is the celebrated chairman and co-founder of Airbnb, the world-renowned rental company that has hosted over 300 million guests in the past and is currently valued at $30 billion. The famous home-sharing platform welcomed over 2 million guests last New Year’s Eve and has also performed well in the low season.

As CEO of Airbnb, Brian has taken the company to new and greater heights, with successful extensions to events and other services that may be added in the near future.

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Brian Chesky’s Family, Wife, Girlfriend

Brian comes from a family of Jewish-American descent. He was born on August 29, 1981, as the son of Robert H. Chesky, who is of Polish descent and earns his living as a social worker. His mother Deborah Chesky has her roots in Italy, and like her husband Robert, she is a social worker. Brian is an American national and grew up in New York, United States, alongside his younger sister Allison Chesky.

To go into the details of his love life: The young billionaire currently has a fulfilling relationship with Elissa Patel, an artist who gave up her career in technology in favor of art. They were brought together through the dating application popularly known as Tinder, and their relationship seems to grow stronger over the years. Although the couple has revealed no plans to take their relationship to the next level, they are always together at public events.

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For his part, Brian makes no conscious effort to keep his dalliance with Elissa a secret, he has even gone so far as to post his photos with her on social media. When the duo visited Delhi together, they took part in the CNT game show entitled “How well do we know each other”.

Brian’s girlfriend Elissa is an American whose ancestry is rooted in India. Elissa attended the University of Santa Clara, where she graduated with a degree in Marketing. She then went to Imperial College London to study International Economics and also attended the University of Shanghai where she studied Finance and Economics.

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After graduating, she was offered a position at Frontback, where she held the position of Community Marketing Manager. She worked at Mercatus as a Marketing Operations Consultant and also worked at WePay where she was an Account Manager. After her chance encounter with Brian Chesky on Tinder, the duo moved to California, where Airbnb is headquartered.

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Brian Chesky Net Worth

Brian Chesky belongs to the league of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. As co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Airbnb, a popular peer-to-peer space and home rental company, Brian owns 13% of the company with a personal value of $3.8 billion. According to Forbes, he ranks eighth on the list of the world’s richest entrepreneurs under the age of 40. Currently, his company Airbnb has two million entries and over 60 million users. It has an amazing record of 300 million former users in 81,000 cities in 191 countries.

The value of his company was set at $30 billion in March 2015, and we expect and will see a reasonable increase in the next review. In June 2016, Brian Chesky became part of “The Giving Pledge”, which was founded by a group of billionaires. He also acts as an Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship, an office he was given by the former President of the United States, President Barack Obama, since 2015.

Height, Weight

The CEO of Airbnb was active in bodybuilding competitions in his early twenties and still has 16″ biceps. He stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. Details of his other body measurements are not currently available, but he has black hair and green eyes.