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Brian Redban is an American comedian and co-host of the podcast Joe Rogan Experience. He is also the founder of a comedy group called Deathsquad. He was born on August 4, 1974, in Columbus, Ohio, but for privacy reasons, there is little or no information about his parents and childhood.

Brian Redban Bio

Earlier in his life, it was known that he taught himself to cut videos, and he was hired by Rogan to work at the Gateway computer store in Ohio. Brian Redban worked as a producer and edited videos for his website after he accepted Rogan’s offer.

To work in his new position, he moved to California, where he looked for ways to use his hours for editing. Brian also wanted an interactive platform where viewers could be much more involved in the show.

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Live Stream

After a few gigs, he finally got his chance when Rogan suggested doing a live stream with Brian to talk to the fans in a chat room and use the sound of the video stream as a podcast. Brian and Rogan recorded the first episode on December 24, 2009, and it started out as a weekly live show on Ustream, but they gradually built it up and anchored it until it became a popular podcast on iTunes. He worked as a producer for the show for four years.

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Brian Redban produced the live adult comedy show and the podcast series The Naughty Show, which premiered in 2011. He also produced The Chronic-son in 2015, The Cultural High in 2014, and created the comic drama collection called Deathsquad.

After his many successes in his work, it soon became clear that Brian Redban had no previous knowledge or experience in audio engineering and that he had taught himself how to operate the mixing console and microphones.

He is a versatile person who has worked in various fields as a producer, comedian, director, and producer. He has also made several films. He was the co-founder of the YouTube show “Rogan Watch”, which was deleted due to personal embarrassment and the violation of rights to content, and this is only as much as we know about the show not being broadcast.

Podcast – The Joe Rogan Experience

Brian Redban has teamed up with Joe Rogan to create a free audio and video talk podcast hosted by Joe Rogan. This show has about 1,053 episodes that we know of and was launched on December 24, 2009.

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It has featured some familiar faces from various walks of life such as athletes, scientists, comedians, producers, writers, and musicians. Some notable names are Lance Armstrong, Amy Schumer, Lawrence Krauss, Russell Peters, Sam Harris, Guy Ritchie, Kid Cudi, and others who have been on this show.

The show has become one of the most popular podcasts in the United States, and nine months after its launch, it was first included in the Top 100 podcasts on iTunes and voted the best comedy podcast of 2012.

Joseph James Rogan, born August 11, 1967, is, like his counterpart, an American comedian and podcast host. He has always been a fan of the comedy world since he was a child, and he finally began his career in comedy in 1988.

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Brian Redban Net Worth

Sources tell us that Brian Redban’s net worth is well over $500,000. He also runs his own personal podcast; Deathsquad Podcast Network and was nominated for the Shorty Award for Best Web Series.

Brian Redban’s Girlfriend and Social Media

We know that there is a lady he calls “Missing Toe” and after he revealed this in 2016, all his later posts have included himself and his Bae. They have managed to keep their relationship at rock bottom, but we know they are happy together and we wish them all the best.

Brian Redban has an active social media account. His Instagram account has over 96,000 followers, and most of his posts are about his personal life with Bae, trips, and promoting his Deathsquad brand and merchandise.

He also runs an active and verified Twitter account with over 189k followers.