Christine Baumgartner Seeks $200000/Month in Child Support to Maintain Children’s Luxurious Lifestyle


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In a high-profile divorce that continues to capture headlines, Christine Baumgartner estranged wife of Hollywood star Kevin Costner is striving to secure a lavish life for their three children even amidst their separation. The focal point of this ongoing legal tussle is Christine Baumgartner’s demand for nearly $200000 per month in child support from the acclaimed actor.

Christine Baumgartner’s legal team is determined to maintain the opulent lifestyle the children are accustomed to both when they are in their father’s care and her own. The court filing asserts that the child support amount should be aligned with Kevin’s substantial wealth thereby enabling the children to enjoy a similar standard of living whether with him or their mother.

The legal brief submitted ahead of their August 31 hearing maintains that the children should reside in a comparable house to Costner’s during their time with their mother and even emphasizes the need for equivalent private vacations.

The heart of Christine Baumgartner’s argument lies in providing a seamless transition for their children between their parents’ households. The demand for “comparable vacations” a detail that doesn’t go unnoticed includes the luxury of private air travel—mirroring the indulgent trips they undertake with their father. Christine Baumgartner’s attorneys assert that the requested child support figure of $175057 monthly would not merely mirror Kevin’s lifestyle but rather it would ensure a lifestyle for the children that’s relatively on par.

Amidst this legal back-and-forth, recent revelations have brought the spotlight back on Costner’s extravagant lifestyle. Exclusive photos obtained by us showcase the actor disembarking from a pricey G5 aircraft known for its steep charter costs.

Christine Baumgartner Seeks $200000/Month in Child Support to Maintain Children's Luxurious Lifestyle

This lavish travel came hot on the heels of Baumgartner’s allegations that Costner has been less than forthcoming about his financials throughout the divorce proceedings.

The divorce case has now entered the realm of asset disclosure with Christine Baumgartner seeking to uncover the extent of Costner’s business ventures and financial status. Amidst claims that Costner’s net worth has quadrupled to $400 million over their 18-year marriage the legal battle extends to matters of child support expenses and property division.

In July a judge issued a child support order requiring Costner to pay $129755 per month for their three children a significant difference from the $248000 initially sought by Christine Baumgartner. The ruling also mandated additional financial responsibilities including attorneys’ fees and forensic costs.

As the legal wrangling continues the question of whether Baumgartner’s request for monthly child support will be granted remains to be seen. The case brings to the forefront the complexities of maintaining opulent lifestyles for children amidst parental separation and raises the broader conversation about the responsibilities of high-earning parents.

In a divorce where wealth lifestyle and family intersect the outcome of this legal dispute will likely set a precedent for similar cases in the future. For now, the legal teams of both sides are gearing up for the August 31 hearing where the fate of the children’s luxurious lifestyle will hang in the balance.