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This young man steps out of his brother’s shadow and undoubtedly casts his own shadow. He was born on June 12, 1985, and began his acting career with small roles such as “Greg the Footballer” in “Superbad” and “Sully” in “Charlie St. Cloud”. Dave Franco became best known for his role as Eric Molson in ’21 Jump Street’. So now, among other statistics, let’s go into the subject of Dave Franco’s height because he is so relevant.

Patience is essential. Before we turn to the main story, here is some background information about the “Now You See Me” star himself. Dave Franco was born in the home of Betsy Lou (née Verne), a poet, author, and editor, and the late Douglas Eugene Franco, popularly known as Doug.

It is an interesting fact that his mother acted in one of three films; The Broken Tower (2011), Joan’s Day Out (2013), and General Hospital (1963), so you could say that acting is a family profession. Dave is the last of three brothers and explains the “last-born” experience as quite interesting because he was able to learn a lot of things at a young age.

Dave Franco’s older brother James started acting before him and has made quite a good name for himself. Although this has helped him get his foot in the door, Dave continues to pursue a career outside of his brother’s shadow. Before we go in a completely different direction today, let’s get back to the subject of Dave Franco’s height.

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Dave Franco’s Height

Dave Franco has this “tallboy” aura, but the actor himself is not radically tall, some would even say he’s not tall at all, but we could name more than a handful of people he towers above. Before we dive into the subject, here is a short description of the youngest of three brothers. The actor has a boyish appearance, dark brown hair, and the same eye color. All this sits on an athletic and toned body.

As we mentioned before, Dave is not the tallest man in the world (well, that’s obvious), but he doesn’t look overly small either. Some people estimate Dave Franco’s height to be somewhere between 5 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 6, and many have tried to discredit the actor’s claim that he is 1.5 meters 7 inches tall.

It could be camera angles or shoes, but unless Dave tells us otherwise, we blindly believe him. Celebrities who share Dave Franco’s height are Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, and Al Pacino. Yeah, so maybe he’s not as tall as you thought, he might even be taller than you thought, but now you know the facts.


It’s obvious when you look at the actor that he must have some pretty good genes, a radical training program, or a pretty strict diet. On closer inspection, we found that it was a little bit of everything. The actor weighs 68 kg (150 pounds), which is quite proportional to his other statistics. How does he achieve this? Well, not by sitting on his butt all day or “acting out” the calories away.

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Dave trains three or four times a week to keep everything in place and keep all the bacon strips under control. He generally does not change his diet, although he is generally repelled by all “white, thick” foods, including mayonnaise and aioli, and even custard. In this context, he said: “Otherwise I am a very adventurous eater”. But we are sure that it is in controlled portions that a firm body is certainly not created by careless eating.

Dave Franco Body Statistics

The actor may not be as torn up as some of our coachbuilders out there, but he takes care of business. We already know how much he weighs, so here’s the rest of it. The actor’s chest measurement is 42 inches, his waist measurement is 32 inches and his biceps are 14 inches.

These statistics would be incomplete without our version of ‘cherry on the top’, so here’s Dave Franco’s shoe size. He wears a US size 10, a European size 23, and a British size 9.5, so there you have it, folks, Dave Franco’s statistics in brief.