Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert Share Sweet Kisses at LAX After Secret Wedding


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Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert Share Sweet Kisses at LAX After Secret Wedding: In an exclusive display captured through photos and video Derek Hough the eminent judge of “Dancing with the Stars” shared a tender kiss with his newlywed wife Hayley Erbert as they traversed Los Angeles International Airport on a sunny Sunday.

The adoration between the couple was palpable with Derek Hough planting a loving kiss on Erbert’s forehead encapsulating the bliss of their recently unfolded fairy-tale wedding.

A mere day after pronouncing their eternal vows Derek Hough his face illuminated by a beaming smile was spotted expertly maneuvering their luggage. The moment turned even more endearing as he intertwined his fingers with Erbert’s an action that echoed the strength of their bond.

Their laughter and affectionate exchanges resonated with the aura of happiness that surrounded them. Glimpses of shared laughter and affectionate embraces hinted at the excitement of their impending honeymoon.

When a curious paparazzo inquired about their honeymoon destination the newlyweds shared a playful moment. Derek Hough with a grin simply replied “Away” leaving the world to speculate on the destination of their romantic escapade.

Within the bustling confines of the airport, Hayley Erbert candidly spoke to the camera revealing the emotional undercurrents of their special day. She shared that there were “a lot of tears” shed during their wedding ceremony a testament to the depth of emotions that were woven into their union.

Meanwhile, Derek Hough reflected on the richness of memories created during the ceremony. He humorously conceded that there were “too many” cherished moments to select a favorite.

Embracing a relaxed yet stylish travel aesthetic Hayley Erbert donned a sleek black romper complemented by a white hoodie and sneakers. The ensemble was effortlessly rounded off with a chic Chanel bag, adding sophistication to her casual look.

Hough’s attire exuded an equally charming laid-back vibe. Sporting sweatpants a golf shirt sneakers and a sporty baseball cap he epitomized comfort and ease.

The couple’s enchanting journey as husband and wife began amid the captivating beauty of a redwood forest in Monterey County California. A romantic ceremony set amidst nature’s grandeur was their vision an aspiration that brought them to the serene landscapes of Northern California.

Derek Hough expressed “We want to be around trees and plants and Northern California kind of spoke out to us.” The choice of location was a tribute to their love for nature and the desire to share its romantic essence with their loved ones.

Erbert radiant and graceful walked down the aisle in a custom satin gown meticulously designed by Georgina Chapman from Marchesa. The strains of Richard Walters’ song “Unconditional” provided the perfect backdrop for her breathtaking entrance. Adorned with a matching veil and jewelry from Ring Concierge Erbert’s look was an embodiment of timeless elegance.

The wedding attire symbolized their personalities – classic poised and utterly captivating. Hayley Erbert later slipped into a lace dress with a delicate tulle skirt another masterpiece crafted by Marchesa.

Hough’s sartorial choices were equally commendable. A classic Tom Ford suit spoke volumes about his sophisticated taste while a stylish Brooks Brothers ensemble embraced him for the post-ceremony celebrations.

The joyous occasion was attended by a guest list of 160 including prominent figures from the entertainment and dance world. Julianne Hough fellow pro dancers Mark Ballas Britt Stewart Jenna Johnson co-host Alfonso Ribeiro and notable alums like Amy Purdy Shawn Johnson and Robert and Kym Herjavec graced the event with their presence.

The journey leading to this momentous day was one of commitment and companionship as Hough and Hayley Erbert had spent seven beautiful years together before exchanging vows. The culmination of their love story was elegantly captured by Derek’s Instagram post where he captioned a photo with the words “It’s only the beginning…the beginning of forever ♥️.”

As the sun sets on their wedding day Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert embark on a new chapter of their lives leaving behind a trail of sweet moments at LAX a mere snapshot of the love they share. Their journey as a married couple has just begun promising a future filled with more enchanting stories and captivating memories.