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This artist has been in the spotlight for some years now for the strangest reasons. Lady Gaga has done everything from turning her urine into a perfume to dressing up as food several times. She kept everyone on their toes, waiting for her next crazy antique dealer to show up.

Today, however, we are not looking for more of her crazy antics, but rather her love life. So answer with us the question of whether Lady Gaga has a fiancé, husband or boyfriend.

Does Lady Gaga Have A Fiance?

Well, the answer is a bit complicated because the star was dating the vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney. The couple had been together for five years and wanted to get married, but something went wrong.

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The two met in 2011 and kept their relationship on a low level for the most part. So how did they meet? Well, Lady Gaga took a page from Shakira’s book and met her hot, famous video candy. They were introduced to each other when she made the video for her music video “You and me”.

It didn’t take too long before the rumors about her connection spread like wildfire. The funny thing about their meeting was that the video was about her ex-handsome Luc Carl. described their encounter as “an artistic catharsis that replaced the conversations about “exes” that a new couple usually has.

They then began to appear TOGETHER in places, e.g. they were photographed together by paparazzi on the road in winter 2011, but they still kept what they could for themselves. Sometimes the media were lucky to catch them in an overwhelming mood and they gave a little insight into their relationship.

The big news of their involvement came out on February 16, 2015, through an Instagram post. The announcement was as dramatic as Gaga himself. Together with a photo of her heart-shaped diamond ring, she subtitled the Instagram message to her fans: “He gave me his heart on Valentine’s Day and I said YES!

In July 2016, after five years together, the couple shocked the world when speculation about their separation was confirmed. No one saw it coming and no one wanted it, but it happened. Recently there have been rumors that the couple will get back together, but until the couple comes out and say something, we can’t know for sure.

Does She Have A Husband?

It’s perfectly safe to say a big, fat no. She was obviously on her way to find a husband, and we’re more than hopeful he’s going down. What she shared with Kinney seemed more than special.

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Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Well, she doesn’t have one right now, but instead of letting you fill in the blanks, let’s take a look at some of the guys who held the title. The star is known for getting involved in bad romances, hence the release of her song Bad Romance.

Back when she was Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Gaga was supposedly involved with a record producer, Rob Fusari. It is a typical story in Hollywood, the guy “helps” the girl to become famous, the girl becomes famous and the guy tries to make money. In 2010 he tried to sue her for £20 million and claimed that he co-wrote some of her most popular hits and even chose her stage name.

Now we all know why they’re no longer together. Next came the infamous Luc Carl, who was no better than the last guy. They had a recurring relationship that started in 2005 and finally crashed and burned in 2011. Wow! That was a long time.

He couldn’t adapt to their lifestyle of fame and later on, he just couldn’t hold on to a woman. The next was entrepreneur Speedy, whom she met on the set of her 2009 video Love Game. Their romance lasted no longer than a year and had something to do with their infidelity.

Then came Matthew “Dada” Williams, the creative director of Haus of Gaga. The relationship continued into 2009 and ended the following year. The singer said: “Dada is pretty brilliant and we were a crazy love couple, but I ended it when we discovered what a strong creative connection we had. I didn’t want it to be all about careless love”.