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For most people, being a comedian means making people laugh. That’s why they say stupid, insensitive, and vulgar things, which are usually not funny. But this is not the case with Trevor Noah. For him, comedy has to do with using intelligent humor to promote the general welfare of humanity. He has lived up to his standards to a high degree and has become one of the best in his field worldwide. Below you will find everything you need to know about this talented guy, including his rise to fame, his parents, and the details of his love life.

Who Is Trevor Noah?

Let’s tell Trevor’s story a little from his perspective. The comedian believes that he is the most successful comedian from Africa overall. The claim is neither rude nor ridiculous. He really is the best in Africa and one of the best in the world. He makes funny but brilliant jokes, but his imitation of people from different parts of the world or of certain people is first class. And the fact that he is a polyglot is an added advantage. He speaks good German, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Tsonga and Zulu and of course he also speaks English.

Noah became an international sensation after it was announced in 2015 that he would take over the hosting of The Daily Show from Jon Stewart. When Stewart hosted The Daily Show in 2014, he joined the late-night television program Comedy Central. Shortly thereafter, it was announced that Trevor would succeed Stewart as host; the South African was called to some of his tweets, which were considered offensive to fat women and Jews. Overall, it was stated that Noah was not suitable to take over as head of the late-night show.

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Fortunately, Comedy Central came to Trevor’s defense. The Viacom Global Entertainment Group television channel issued a statement saying that it was not fair to judge Trevor’s character based on a handful of jokes. Comedy Central stated that Noah sometimes even provokes himself, and then claimed that he is a talented comedian.

Trevor is not only a comedian but has also starred in several films. These include self-portraits in the 2011 documentary – You laugh, but it’s true. In the same year, he played Pilo in Taka Takata. He was also a bookmaker in the comedy of 2012 – Mad Buddies.

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Trevor Noah Fact Card

Trevor Noah Twisted Family Heritage

If you ever hear of a celebrity born to crime, it’s probably Trevor. The comedian doesn’t mince his words when he tells how it was against the law for his parents to have him when they had him, which happened during apartheid in South Africa.

The apartheid government of South Africa at the time made it illegal for black citizens of the country, among others, to have romantic affairs with whites. But Trevor’s mother, Patricia Nombuyiselo – a black Xhosa woman – and his father Robert, a white man of Swiss-German descent, found love in each other’s arms, disregarding social boundaries. The international star Trevor Noah emerged from the Patricia-Robert affair.

Since the law disapproved of such integration, Patricia had to face a fine and even imprisonment for her deeds. On the other hand, Robert returned to his country, Switzerland, while Trevor was mainly raised by his maternal grandmother. More of this story can be found in the comedian’s book from 2016 – Born a Crime: Tales from a South African Childhood.

The book, which is a collection of Trevor’s personal stories about growing up in his home country, became a New York Times bestseller immediately after its publication. The audio version has also developed well. The book earned the comedian two nominations for the prestigious NAACP Image Awards. While it was nominated for Outstanding Literary Work in the Biography/Autobiography category, it was also selected by a debut author for Outstanding Literary Work.

After leaving the past behind, Patricia married a man named Ngisaveni Abel Shingange, with whom she had two sons named Andrew and Isaac. The marriage ended in 1996 because Ngisaveni did not stop physically abusing Patricia. After that, he did not stop when he shot her in the head when she was engaged to another man in 2009. Fortunately, Patricia survived the attack.

Before Trevor moved to the United States in 2011, he was already famous in his country and quite popular around the world. Before his breakthrough with Comedy Central, he worked with a handful of media companies.

Who Is He Dating Right Now?

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The comedian is probably told every day he’s good-looking. He is a few inches taller than 5 feet and the height is perfect for his body structure. Trevor Noah will probably marry one day, but at the time of this report, he is not married to anyone. Nevertheless, he has met some beautiful women, including the youngest – Jordyn Taylor – an American singer/songwriter also known as a model.

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They started dating sometime in 2015 and it looked as if they would be seen in the long run. They went on vacation together to different places, and Trevor even took them to South Africa more than once, but sometime in 2018, Taylor and Trevor quit without giving any reason.

Before Taylor, Trevor’s known friend was Noah Dani Bagel. It is said that Taylor and Bagel have a striking similarity and both like music. So far, Trevor has not told us anything about the woman in his life, since he is not the one to flaunt his love life in public.