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Doug Spedding is known to many as the former boyfriend of flip or flop star Christina El Moussa. But he also has a different name than the one he is known as. Spedding made a name for himself during his active time as a successful businessman in Orange County and as a car dealer. He is now retired in Orange County, but his exploits still speak loudly for him away from the limelight. Here are all the interesting facts about Doug Spedding

Doug Spedding Bio, Age

His birthday and month are not known, but we do know that he was born in 1962 and belongs to the white ethnic group. Not much is known about his childhood, but Doug has always had an eye for business. During his active time Doug had many establishments in the business world and also his employees were scattered all over the world.

Doug Spedding met with harsh rejection when, after a long time, cases of his alleged exploitation came to light. He got into trouble with the law after he was sued for fraud against his employee. He also allegedly refused to sign forms for customers who wanted to register vehicles. After a tough struggle, the lawsuits brought against Doug were later dismissed.

But that was not all; it seemed that everything went back to normal with Spedding until 2011 when he was again charged. This time he was found to be connected with drugs and drug paraphernalia and was immediately charged. During this time it was discovered that the businessman was a drug addict. Doug Spedding, therefore, pleaded guilty to the charge and was subjected to an 18-month diversionary program.

Apart from the drug case, Spedding was also arrested several times for domestic violence. After a number of cases, the businessman seems to have recently stepped aside in his excesses.

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His Net Worth

Doug Spedding has retired from Orange County but has a notable financial history. Although his current net worth is not known, the car dealer has accumulated quite a lot during his active time.

However, he suffered from a financial crisis in 2008 when the US experienced a massive slump in the real estate business. Before the crash, Doug, who was still with his ex, and Christina lived in a house that was rented for $6000 a month. But after the unfortunate event, the then couple moved into an apartment for $700 a month.

Spedding and Christina had found solace in their reality show about house renovation, which earned them up to $10,000 per episode. The businessman delighted everyone when he bought a house worth $2 million in 2013.

Personal Life – Wife, Children

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It was not determined whether Doug Spedding is currently married to anyone. But from his relationships with various women, we know that he has six children. He has indeed been with many women, but the name that always comes up when his private life is discussed is Christina El Moussa.

Doug Spedding may have been popular for his business, but much of his fame comes from his relationship with the flip or flop star. The couple started out as good friends and had a long platonic relationship before taking things to another level. Officially they dated in July 2017 but had been friends for a long time before that.

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After making their relationship official, the two had no reason to be discreet about it. They were spotted together on several occasions and also performed together. However, it took only a few months before the couple separated. To be exact, they went their separate ways in October 2017.

Christina reportedly could no longer cope with Doug Spedding’s drug and alcohol addiction. It was also reported that Doug was unfaithful to his then-girlfriend, hence the separation. The businessman is said to have cheated on her several times with his ex-girlfriend Tracy Diaz. Since the separation, he has led a secluded life, far away from the eyes of the media.

Doug Spedding Height and Weight

Doug Spedding certainly goes for a big man with his height of 6ft 2in. He is a few inches taller than Christina, who is 5ft 9in.