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Emma Glover is international lingerie, glamour, and fitness model who has worked for top agencies in the modeling industry. Like her colleagues, she loves to show her flawless body figure on Instagram and captivate her fans.

Emma Glover Bio

Emma Glover is a British model born on 6 June 1987 in Essex, England, in the United Kingdom. She obtained a university degree before she decided to follow the path of modeling. Not much is known about her family, but it is said that she has a younger sister named Vicki.

As a child, she was good-looking and always dreamt and looked forward to a future as a supermodel, but her first job was in a company in London where she did a desk job. Being sure of her figure and appearance, she occasionally sent her pictures to various modeling agencies, which accelerated her journey in her lifelong quest to become a model and increased her chances of getting a modeling job. Emma Glover’s career took a very quick turn when some of her photos were received by a London agency; she received a call from the agency arranging a photo shoot for her with Nuts magazine. Her job for Nuts magazine was her first modeling job and just a stepping stone for her career.

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As a result, other agencies became aware of her and began to call her so that she could work on her modeling jobs. Working for the agencies in London was a great experience for the aspiring model because it was a dream come true for her. Through her job, she met new people and celebrities and got to know many new places she loved. Her work schedule became very busy, but she managed to balance it with other aspects of her life that needed attention.

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After her first appearance at Nuts, she modeled for various other agencies and quickly made her way into the world of modeling. Some of the popular brands she has modeled for include Lynx, Channel 4, Playboy, Pabo Lingerie, Harley Davidson, and Simon Copeland Clothing. She has also been featured in magazines such as Loaded, Zoo, The Sun, The Daily Star, Monkey, Talk Sports Magazine, and has worked for companies such as Channel 4, Ann Summers, and Harley Davidson.

Other Facts To Know About The Instagram Model

1. She  Loves Charity Work

Emma Glover has shown great interest in charity as she has supported many charity groups and even joined some charity activities. The “Help for Heroes” charity group and the “Life for a Child” charity group all benefit from her participation and funding.

2. She Has Her Own Website

The gorgeous model has her own website called www.emmaglover.co.uk where she talks a lot about her job as a model, about how it is part of her life, how much she enjoys modeling, and that she constantly sends her love to her fans.

3. She Is A Mother

The top model is not only beautiful but also the mother of two adorable boys.

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4. She is Active On Social Media Pages

Emma is a lover of social media and she has many fans, with over 470,000 followers on Instagram, about 200,000 followers on Twitter, and many more on Facebook. She even revealed that she likes to tweet, and if there was something called ‘Twitters Anonymous’, she would be a part of it because it’s the first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning and the last thing she does before she goes to bed at night.

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5. She Loves Sharing Details About Her Body

When it comes to Emma’s body, she is not nearly discreet with the juicy details about her measurements and other body information. She has revealed that she wears a bra size 34DD and has breast implants. The model also said that in order to stay at the top of her game while modeling, she maintains an ideal body size through her fitness routines.

Emma has a pierced navel and tells a lot about how much she loves her body, with her breasts being her favorite part. She says it’s not too big or too small, it’s symmetrical and perfect with correctly positioned nipples. She stands at a height of 5 ft 7 inches and weighs 54kg or 118 lbs.