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Speaking of devotion: Since her childhood, Erika Costell has dreamed of nothing more than being a model. She turned pages of fashion magazines and strutted around the room pretending to be a model and the paparazzi would follow her everywhere.

Today, this American model and internet personality is successfully asserting her claim as a hall-of-Famer in the modeling industry. She is known for taking sloppy pictures of her seductive frame covered with swimming, fitness, and lingerie. She is also a member of the “Team 10” social media group founded by Jake Paul, another social media influencer.

Erika Costell Bio, Age

Erika was born on 12 November 1993. She was born and raised in Bedford Michigan. She probably wanted to be a model all her life but started in cheerleading. She was a proud pom-pom girl throughout her middle and high school years. At 16, inspired by supermodel Gigi Hadid, she took the bold step of launching her modeling career. She took professional photos of herself and collected them in a folder. Erika then sent the folder to various elite model agents and agencies.

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This step brought her first modeling contract with a group called DAN Talent Group Inc. Slowly she began to be booked for modeling gigs and to build her repertoire in the industry. Initially, she could not devote her entire career to modeling because she was enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University. Costell would later earn a degree in business administration.

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In 2016 Erika Costell made a decision that most models before her had made; she moved to Los Angeles. She did so to be able to focus on her modeling career while using her people skills to expand her network. At that time, she entered a competition with the sole purpose of putting her own modeling company, ModelHostess, in the spotlight.

She also became part of a mastermind group with influence in social media called “Team 10”. The group was founded by YouTuber Jake Paul. It would later become an incubator and management company operating under the same name. One of the members of the group, Alissa Violet, developed a very close relationship with Erika Costell. Erika often publishes pictures of both of them on her Instagram.

Although Erika drew her strength from the supermodel, she owes her success to her first and oldest manager, Larry Murdock. As long as he is no longer around, she constantly talks about how he was the one who introduced her to the industry and pushed her to be her best.

After working with DAN Talent Inc., Erika Costell switched to other agencies such as the renowned Wilhemina International and Ideal Fit Models. She has also worked for famous fashion brands like Calvin Klein.

Erika Costell Height, Family

Erika is a woman of average height. She is 1.70 m, which is about 5 feet 7 inches.

She has three siblings, two sisters, Morgan and Dani, and a half-brother named JC. Nothing is known of her parents except their names – Denis and Angel.

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Who Is Erika Costell’s Boyfriend?

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Erika Costell has only had two relationships in her whole life. She is married to her then-boyfriend and now husband, Jake Paul. They surprised her fans when they got married in Las Vegas on June 18, 2017. At that time their relationship was nothing but pure speculation. When they put a video clip of their wedding on YouTube, their fans still doubted it. Two weeks later, however, they dispelled all remaining doubts by publishing another video celebrating their two-week anniversary.

Erika Costell Quick Facts

Erika’s group from Team 10 consists of other well-known stars of social media. These include her husband Jake Paul, her best friend Alissa Violet, and several others.

Erika certainly knows how to make and maintain friendships that are of course not possible or even recommendable. She has shown this by making Alissa Violet, who happens to be her husband’s ex-girlfriend, a close friend.

Even stranger is the fact that Erika, Jake, Alissa, and all the other members of Team 10 live together. They all operate out of a house in Los Angeles, California

Their middle name is Michaelann.