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Just Fontaine Famille: Delphin Louis Martin Fontaine and Marie Dolores Ortega are Just Fontaine parents. Delphin was from France while Marie was from Spain.

Just Fontaine a former France football legend died on March 1 2023 at the age of 89. Fontaine a prolific forward set a FIFA World Cup record in 1958 by scoring 13 goals in one tournament in Sweden.

From 1953 to 1960 the legendary footballer won 21 caps for France scoring 30 goals. Stade De Reims Fontaine’s former club announced his death on Wednesday.

Pele named the former professional footballer one of the 125 Greatest Living Footballers at a FIFA Awards Ceremony in March 2004.

With that out of the way let’s learn more about his personal life in today’s short piece.

Just Fontaine Famille And Parents: Father Delphin Louis Martin Fontaine And Mother Marie Dolores Ortega

Just Fontaine was born on August 18 1933 to Delphin Louis Martin Fontaine and Marie Dolores Ortega. While his Father was French his mother was from Spain.

It is unknown whether Fontaine had any siblings. The footballer had to have a close relationship with his parents and family.

The footballer from Marrakech moved to Casablanca and attended the Lycee Lyautey. The legendary athlete started his amateur career at the University of Casablanca. He was a member of the club from 1950 to 1953 scoring 44 goals in three seasons.

He joined Stade de Reims three years later. The soccer player teamed up with Raymond Kopa. In six seasons with the club Fontaine scored 121 goals. Furthermore, he scored 165 goals in 200 Ligue 1 matches winning the championship twice (in 1958 and 1960).

With ten goals that season the late French football legend was also a member of the club that advanced to the 1958-1959 European Cup final against Real Madrid.

He set even more impressive records while wearing France’s blue shirt. On December 17 1953 against Luxembourg the Marrakech native scored a hat trick. The gifted footballer scored 30 goals in 21 matches over the course of seven years.

Fontaine is best remembered for his record-breaking performance in the 1958 FIFA World Cup in which he scored 13 goals in just six matches.

Due to a recurring injury, Fontaine was forced to retire early in July 1962 at 28 years and 11 months old.

Meet Just Fontaine Wife And Kids

For over 60 years Just Fontaine was married to his adoring wife Arlette. According to some sources the couple had two children.

The former French footballer has two children one of whom is a son and the other a daughter. However, the Fontaine siblings’ names and identities remain unknown.

In an interview, the football legend revealed that he met his wife for the first time in late 1959 in Toulouse. The couple went on to marry and spent the next six decades together as a married couple.

Fontaine’s wife on the other hand prefers to avoid media scrutiny. As a result, there is little information available about her on the internet. I hope she is doing well.

Just Fontaine Net Worth Before Death

Just Fontaine was one of the greatest football players in history. From 1950 to 1981 he played professionally. The athlete must have amassed a sizable fortune over the course of his three-decade career.

According to Glassdoor the average annual salary for a soccer player in France is $91K. Although Just Fontaine played from the 50s to the 80s he must have earned according to his worth.