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Over the last decades, numerous television shows have been created in America, but not many of them have been able to reach an international audience. Among the few that have succeeded in doing so is the self-titled show hosted by comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

Since 2003, Ellen has hosted her syndicated television talk show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” a platform through which she has not only been able to entertain people, but also touch the lives of many people by participating in numerous charitable activities and advocating for various causes. Among the issues that are close to her heart are those that affect members of the LGBTQ community of which she is a part since she came out as a lesbian in 1997.

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Before joining the show, Ellen had been working as a stand-up comedian and actress since the 1980s and has since added other titles to her list as a producer and published author. Another project she has embarked on is her role as one of the judges for the 9th season of American Idol.

Ellen DeGeneres has received many awards and recognitions for everything she has been able to do in the entertainment industry and elsewhere. These include 30 Emmy Awards, a record 20 People’s Choice Awards and a Golden Globe Award (the Carol Burnett Lifetime Achievement Award). She has also been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The Secret to Ellen DeGeneres’ Ageless Glow

Judging by her appearance, many people will not believe that Ellen is over sixty years old, as she has had practically the same stature and build for as long as we can remember. This explains why the Internet went crazy when she announced on January 26, 2018, that she had turned 60. Some factors have contributed to her looking so young, including her choice of food.

In an interview with Shape magazine, Ellen DeGeneres revealed how important food was to her in the past and how much she liked steak, hamburgers and all foods with meat. However, her efforts to educate herself about animal cruelty led her to read books like “Diet for a New America” and watch documentaries like “Earthlings” and “Meet Your Meat,” both of which deal with animal rights. This opened her eyes to how “irresponsible” she was in eating meat because she understood that the meat she loved to eat came from animals that are not only living beings but also had feelings.

With this new knowledge, Ellen simply could not shake off the reality of how badly these animals were treated, and in 2008 she decided to become a vegetarian. As much as the vegan diet seemed a sacrifice, it was for her benefit, she said because she was becoming healthier than ever before. Studies have not only improved her health but have also shown that eating a plant-based diet can greatly improve her skin.

Ellen was not alone in her dietary change, as her partner Portia also joined her. During an interview with Parade, Portia revealed that they ate lots of red beans and rice, which happened to be Ellen’s favorite meal. On the Rachael Ray show, the couple also said that they like to eat pizza without cheese, thanks to their chef Roberto Martin, who prepares various vegetarian dishes for them, as well as preparing their favorite dishes to suit their vegan lifestyle.

Other vegan dishes that Ellen DeGeneres likes to eat include tofu dishes, fresh garden burgers, an avocado-Reuben sandwich newly prepared by her chef, and banana-oatmeal pancakes. Later in life, however, on the advice of some health professionals, Ellen and her partner had to reintroduce an animal product into their diet, but 90% of what they eat still comes from plants.

The comedian and TV host continued her vegan diet for so many years, but later in December 2018, during a performance in Netflix’s stand-up special Relatable, she confirmed that she was no longer strictly vegan as she now eats fish and eggs. Despite this, she still pays close attention to what she eats – no sugar, no processed foods, which means she doesn’t eat cake, candy, cookies, and the like. This contributes significantly to Ellen’s ageless appearance, as research has proven that eating sugar is so bad that it can make you look older.

In addition to her diet, this multi-talented lady also does a lot of yoga, especially hatha yoga, to start her day. Stress is one of the main causes of early aging, and yoga has stress-reducing powers. Also, regular participation in yoga helps to build lean muscle mass and stop weight gain, allowing Ellen to continue to look young despite her busy schedule.

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What We Know About Her Relationship History

As mentioned above, Ellen DeGeneres came out publicly as a lesbian in 1997. A short time later it became known that she had a love affair with the actress, director, and screenwriter Anne Heche. Their relationship lasted until August 2000, the year she met the actress Portia de Rossi at a party.

In an interview with The Advocate, Portia de Rossi explained that she fell in love with Ellen at first sight and felt such strong energy between the two of them as she had never felt with anyone before. However, both were with other people at that time, so nothing could have been changed in their feelings.

At this time Ellen had changed from Heche to the actress, director, and photographer Alexandra Hedison. They were together for four years before they decided to separate. Ellen and Portia met again later, on December 1, 2004, at a photoshoot. That same day, their paths crossed backstage at the Big in ’04 VH1 Awards, which took place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The duo got into conversation, and after that, they started seeing each other again immediately.

In January 2005, the couple attended the HBO Golden Globe Awards Party at the Beverly Hills Hilton as a couple. As the year drew to a close, they moved together into a two-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles and also bought a 120-acre ranch, as Portia was passionate about riding. The couple officially entered into the bond of marriage on August 16, 2008, at their home in Beverly Hills, California, after the California Supreme Court lifted the ban on same-sex marriage. Ellen’s partner then legally changed her name to Portia Lee James DeGeneres on September 23, 2010.