Former Jackass Star Brandon Novak Speaks Out About Bam Margera Addiction


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Former Jackass Star Brandon Novak Speaks Out About Bam Margera Addiction: Brandon Novak known for his role in the iconic series “Jackass” has reached out to his former co-star Bam Margera as he faces an ongoing battle with addiction and mental health challenges. Novak’s heartfelt message came during the Rock to Recovery concert event in Los Angeles.

“I’m praying for him” Brandon Novak conveyed highlighting the deep understanding he holds due to his own past struggles. “He is a sick man as I once was so I understand where he’s at and I just hope he finds the willingness somewhere in his journey to buy into suggestions that can maybe make his life better.”

In a display of solidarity and commitment to recovery, Brandon Novak joined other individuals in the entertainment industry who have embraced sobriety. Among them were MTV personality Travis Mills Korn’s touring guitarist Wes Geer and Sevendust’s Sonny Mayo who attended the sixth annual event hosted by the nonprofit organization Rock to Recovery. This foundation strives to aid individuals in their journey to overcome drug and alcohol addiction through creative outlets like writing playing music and performing.

The two friends Novak and Margera had shared a close bond since their childhood days often skating together. However, Novak’s drug use disrupted his path leading to a difficult period in his life. Reflecting on his journey Brandon Novak recounted a time when he was a “homeless heroin addict living on the streets of Baltimore” while Margera achieved sponsorships and deals. Despite these challenges, Margera stood by his friend offering support and even opening his home to help Novak on his path to sobriety.

Years later the tables have turned with Margera struggling with his own addiction as his friends and co-stars take a step back. Brandon Novak shared that they are currently not in communication and the difference in their paths is palpable. He expressed his willingness to stand by Margera’s side once he is ready to embrace the necessary changes for his well-being.

Since his own journey to sobriety, Brandon Novak has taken significant steps to make a positive impact. He established Redemption a treatment center in his home state of Delaware and founded Novak’s House a sober living facility that facilitates the transition from rehab to the outside world for those in recovery.

As for Bam Margera recent legal matters have further highlighted his struggles. A judge recently ordered him to wear an alcohol-detecting ankle monitor for at least 30 days alongside mandatory attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and adherence to outpatient treatment recommendations. These conditions followed an incident where Margera was taken into custody due to his intoxicated state and aggressive behavior.

Margera’s journey to recovery takes place against the backdrop of a pending assault case stemming from an altercation with his brother. While he claimed to have been in rehab sources contradicted his commitment to the program. Amid these challenges, Margera’s wife Nicole “Nikki” Boyd filed for legal separation emphasizing the importance of change for the well-being of their son.

In a tale of empathy struggle and the pursuit of recovery, Brandon Novak stands as an example of hope and change extending his hand to a friend in need while continuing his mission to make a difference in the lives of those battling addiction.