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Frank Gore is a product of the Miami Hurricanes soccer team, which now plays as a running back in the National Football League (NFL). In his NFL career, he has recently worked with the San Francisco 49ers, the Indianapolis Colts and the Miami Dolphins.

Learn more about how he began his professional career and made it to every team he worked with throughout his flourishing football career.

Frank Gore Bio – How Old is He?

On May 14, 1983, Frank Gore’s birth was announced and celebrated in Miami, Florida, by his parents, one of whom, as we learned, is Liz Gore. He would then grow up in Coconut Grove, Florida, where he attended Coral Gables High School and performed outstandingly on the school’s soccer team as an indispensable running back.

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As if he knew exactly what the future held for him and what he needed to do to unlock it, Frank began to set and break his own record in high school, especially in high school: 293 yards with 2 touchdowns on 10 Carries in a game against Northwestern High School in Miami, and 319 yards and 6 touchdowns on 13 Carries in his next game. By the end of his senior year at high school, Frank Gore was already a top contender, and he decided to apply for a scholarship to the University of Miami to study near his home.

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Frank began playing for the Miami Hurricanes soccer team on September 1, 2011, and showed an impressive performance against Penn State University. In 2002, he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury to his left knee but returned from injury for the 2003 season, where he experienced a lot of football action with 89 carriers over 468 yards and four touchdowns. His 2004 season was similar: 25 passes were caught over 985 yards, which with an average of 9.8 yards meant two kickoffs over 48 yards and 5 tackles against special teams.

Frank Gore finished 65th in the 2005 NFL draft with the San Francisco 49ers, signed a three-year contract that same year, and was selected as the sixth running back, third of five from his college to make it into the NFL.

Gore’s 2005 rookie season was the first time a rookie led the team by 608 yards. This record of 460 yards broke the record that Dexter Carter had set in 1990 with 460 yards. In the 2006 season, he improved even more under the aegis of the then offensive coordinator Norv Turner and was subsequently appointed to the NFC Pro Bowl team.

Due to his improved form and his indispensable place in the team, he received a contract extension in the 2007 season, which was to accompany him until 2011. Gore signed a four-year contract worth $28 million on 28 March 2007, with the determination to break the record and set a new record for the most hectic time in a single season. His goal was 2,200 yards. He had his career day in a game against the Seattle Seahawks when he ran for 206 yards with an average of 12.8 yards, including a 79-yard and 80-yard touchdown run. This made Gore the second player in the NFL to do so.

Frank Gore received another three-year contract extension in 2011 worth $25.9 million. He continued playing for the San Francisco 49ers until his contract expired in 2014.

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His next team was the Indianapolis Colts, to whom he signed a $12 million contract, guaranteed $8.5 million of the sum. Gore played with them from the 2015 to 2017 season, when he finished his last season with 961 stormy yards, bringing his total career to 14,026 stormy yards. He became the fifth-best NFL player in history, alongside players like Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, and Curtis Martin, all of whom had a record 14,000 rushing yards.

The former Miami Kid prodigy and 2002-2004 Miami Hurricane prodigy signed a one-year contract worth $1,015,000 with the Miami Dolphins on March 22, 2018. He has been working for the team ever since.

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Career Stats


Frank Gore Net Worth

Sources have revealed that Frank Gore has accumulated a net worth of $10 million, which he has built up over the years mainly through his income from football.

Frank Gore Height, Weight

The Miami-born running back stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. At this height, he weighs 217 pounds or 98 kilograms.