Hailey Bieber beauty brand Rhode faces backlash for confusing Alaska with a foreign country.


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Hailey Bieber beauty brand Rhode faces backlash for confusing Alaska with a foreign country.: In a comical turn of events, Hailey Bieber’s beauty brand Rhode has found itself in the midst of a social media storm. The brand’s reputation took a hit when it mistakenly referred to Alaska as an integral part of the United States as if it were a foreign land.

The blunder unfolded within the comments section of an Instagram post where Hailey Bieber was showcasing a new addition to her skincare collection: the strawberry glaze version of the Peptide Lip Treatment.

The post featured the 26-year-old model exuding pinup vibes as she elegantly posed in a high-waisted bikini against the backdrop of a vintage Corvette convertible. The innocuous caption “🍓 season. new treats are on the way 🚗” soon became the center of attention as an eager follower raised a question about the availability of the new product in Alaska.

What followed was an unexpected and perplexing response from the Rhode team. They replied “Our team is working hard to have Rhode available in additional countries soon! Stay tuned for more updates to come.”

The apparent misunderstanding of Alaska’s status within the United States swiftly became a topic of amusement for vigilant social media users. They flooded the comments section pointing out the glaring geographical error.

Curiously this was not the only instance of Rhode’s enigmatic response strategy. Another user inquiring about the product’s availability in Germany received the exact same reply. This raised speculation that the brand might be using a standard template to field inquiries regarding international distribution.

Hailey Bieber beauty brand Rhode faces backlash for confusing Alaska with a foreign country.

The introduction of the new strawberry glaze variation of the Peptide Lip Treatment carried significance drawing inspiration from the much-loved strawberry glaze donut offered by Krispy Kreme.

To commemorate the launch Hailey Bieber graced various events in attire inspired by berries lending a creative and thematic touch to the occasion.

In the midst of the excitement surrounding the launch Hailey’s husband and global pop sensation Justin Bieber joined in the celebration. He took to Instagram to share an image of the couple engaging warmly with Krispy Kreme staff at the event. His caption radiated pride and admiration for his wife’s accomplishment.

In a separate post, Justin offered a candid glimpse into their joyous companionship sharing an intimate moment of them cuddling with their dogs aboard a private jet.

This incident brings to light the intricate challenges that brands face in navigating social media interactions. In the age of instant communication, errors can swiftly transform into moments of widespread public entertainment.

Rhode’s blunder albeit amusing serves as a vital lesson for companies to ensure precision and awareness while engaging with their audience. This lesson is particularly crucial in the digital landscape where meticulous attention to detail is of paramount importance.