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Reed Paul Jobs is the only son of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and his wife, Lauren Powell. His father almost single-handedly revolutionized the entire technology industry. But in doing so, Steve somehow distanced himself from his family, especially his children.

In addition to Reed, Steve was the father of three more children – Lisa Brennan, Erin Wall, and Eve, all girls. It is said that while he was growing up, Reid had the same nature as his father – witty and clever.

Today, we will learn all about Reed Jobs. We’ll tell you about his early life, his siblings, his current whereabouts, and whether he’s seeing anyone. Let’s go!

Reed Paul Jobs Grew Up in Palo Alto, Reed Paul Jobs is the Only Son of Steve Jobs

Reed was born on 22 September 1991 in California. He is the first biological son of Steve and Lorena. His mother, Loren, gave birth to him just a few months after her wedding to Steve.

Reid is of mixed parentage. On his father’s side, he has Syrian, Swiss, and German ancestry. On his mother’s side, he is of English descent.

The star child grew up in his father’s massive 5768 square meter house on the corner of Waverley Street in Palo Alto.

What is the truth behind Reed’s name?

When Lauren gave birth to her firstborn, choosing a name was no easy task. After much discussion, she and Steve decided on Reid Paul.

As reported, his name is inspired by Reid College, the college his father attended but later dropped out of. His middle name is Paul, the name of Steve’s adopted father.

Reed has Two Biological Siblings and One Half-Sister

In addition to Reid, the gentle cries of Reid’s younger sisters echoed at the Jobs residency in Palo Alto. The middle of Steve and Lauren’s offspring, Erin Hay Jobs, came into the world on 19 August 1995. A few years later, on 2 May 1998, the youngest and probably the tallest, Eve Jobs, was born.

All three were the apple of their parent’s eyes. Despite his busy work schedule, Steve tried to spend as much time as possible with his children. All in all, the five of them were like a good old close-knit family.

Meanwhile, Reed Paul Jobs also has a half-sister, Lisa Brennan Jobs, born on 17 May 1978. Lisa is Steve’s daughter from his relationship with high school sweetheart Krisan Brennan. Although Krisana and Steve broke up after high school, they reconnected immediately after his return from India.

As for Reid’s siblings, Erin is a Tulane University graduate, Eve is a professional equestrian, and half-sister Lisa is a writer.

Reed Paul Jobs is a Health Director Investing in Cancer Research

Since starting high school, Reid was quite interested in cancer research. He was so interested in it that his final report in high school was related to cancer research. After completing the project, he presented his research in front of the whole school. His father Steve was in the audience with the rest of the family, proud of him.

Incidentally, he attended an independent college preparatory day school, Crystal Uplands School.

After high school, Reed Jobs completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the world-renowned Stanford University. After graduating in 2015 with a Master of Fine Arts degree, he began working at his current employer, Emerson Collective.

Since 2015, he has been working for the company as the Health Director. The company, it was founded in 2004 by Reed Jobs’ mother, Lauren. This non-profit corporation usually focuses on education, immigration reform, and health.

In a 2018 interview, Reed mentioned that his role is to invest in oncology projects in companies that are involved in cancer research.

Reed’s mother and Father were Married for Two Decades

Steve has had several relationships in his life, but none of them lasted long. However, that all changed when he met Lauren in 1989. The late innovator was lecturing at Stanford Business School when he saw his future wife sitting in the front row.

The first time he saw her, Steve was overwhelmed. He was so taken by her beauty that he met her in the parking lot right after the speech and asked her out.

After a few months of dating, they got married on 18 March 1999. Their happy marriage ended after Steve’s untimely death in 2011.

Is Reed Paul Jobs Dating Someone?

We have no information yet if Reid is dating or even married to anyone. The child star is not active on social networks, so it is quite difficult to find out about his personal life. Moreover, he rarely appears in public, which means that he is a reserved guy.

But wait, that doesn’t mean Reid has never had a girlfriend. In the book “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, it is mentioned that he was in a relationship in 2010. An interesting anecdote: Reid once asked his father Steve to recommend a nice place to go on a date with his girlfriend while having dinner with his family.

Steve told him to go to a restaurant called Il Fornaio. Unfortunately, Reid had already tried to go there, but could not get a reservation. Then, out of nowhere, the otherwise shy and reserved Erin announced to her brother that she would set up a teepee in the backyard of their house for his date, and Eve would serve a romantic meal for the two of them.

Judging by this story, one thing is clear – Reid did have a girlfriend in 2010. Who knows, maybe they are still dating.

Reed Paul Jobs Lives a Rather Humble Life Despite Being a Billionaire’s Son

When Steve died, he left a billion-dollar fortune. Most of his fortune was inherited by his wife, Loren, whose net worth is now $20 billion.

It is clear from the above that Reid also lives a rather luxurious life. On the other hand, the Jobs children are intelligent company. They all work in their own fields. Above all, Reid, working as a health director, is trying to change the cancer scenario. We hope his dream will come true.