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Jack Whitehall is one of Hollywood’s most talented actors, so much so that he can be described as a fluid actor who fits into any role he is given. It is thanks to this that he has acted in many successful and award-winning films.

While the light continues to shine on his career, his private life and sexuality have been called into question. The reason for this is not too far-fetched; he has taken a role in Disney’s animated film Jungle Cruise, in which he plays the studio’s first Gar character.

For many who have followed the comedian further, this was not the only time people found reasons to speculate that he might be gay, even though he has had relationships with women in the past.

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What Is The True Sexual Orientation of Jack Whitehall?

Although many people have repeatedly speculated that the actor might be gay, the truth is that he has a heterosexual orientation. As already indicated, the role he played in the blockbuster movie “The Jungle Cruise”, which is scheduled for release in 2020, has led many people to speculate about his sexuality. He plays the supporting role of McGregor Houghton, the first gay Disney character.

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The role in which he appears alongside great actors such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt is more than just the biggest paycheck in a career spanning almost three decades, it is a significant role in film history.

In his role in the film, Bad Education made it clear that he has no feelings for the opposite sex and would not date any woman. In real life, he revealed that although he is heterosexual, it is a dream role for him.

As a result, Disney was cornered by some experts who did not think it was right to offer the seven-figure role to a man who is heterosexual because it would be more appropriate for a gay actor to play the gay role. Nevertheless, there are many others, including actors like Russell Tovey; a gay actor who insists that there is nothing wrong with a heterosexual actor playing gay or vice versa. Stephen Fry is another gay actor who interjects his words in support of Jack Whitehall and explains that he has played a straight guy in movies more than a few times.

However, the jungle cruise is not the only reason why his sexuality has been questioned. His Netflix series “Travelling with my father” has also made some people think about his sexuality.

The actor did not openly comment on the question that was repeatedly asked about his sexuality, nor on the little controversy that arose with his popular Disney role, although it is generally believed that he is, as mentioned, heterosexual.

Jack Whitehall Relationship With Gemma Chan

If you look at his love life, Jack Whitehall has dated some of the most beautiful faces in show business. His most famous relationship was with actress Gemma Chan, with whom he was together for six years before they parted ways in 2017.

The duo first met on the set of the drama series Fresh Meat in 2011. From then on, they seemed to be made for each other and had a great personal and professional life. The couple lived together in Notting Hill.

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Just as the fans had begun to look forward to engagement or even more, the relationship began to falter when the duo canceled towards the end of 2017. According to some speculation, their busy schedules were the main reason for their separation. According to Dailymail, they remained friends and supported each other.

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Who Is The New Woman In His Life?

Since his separation from Gemma Chan, she has developed and is now in a relationship with Dominic Cooper, the devil’s double actor. They made their relationship public in December 2019 when they appeared as a couple at the British Fashion Awards afterparty. They met in 2017 while working on the thriller Stratton, and in the summer of 2018, rumors spread that they were already together.

For his part, Jack Whitehall now seems to be single and has no new wife. However, after he separated from Gemma, he was briefly connected to Kate Beckinsale, who had been married to Len Wiseman for more than 10 years.

In 2019 he was associated with the American heiress and society lady Paris Hilton. The two flirted on Instagram and were seen together several times. However, since April 2019 nothing more has been said about them.