Is Maya Hawke a lesbian? What does he have to say about her sexuality?


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Maya Hawke debunks rumors that she’s a lesbian as she walks the streets with her boyfriend.

To someone Strange things fan, Maya Hawke would be one of the most recognizable names. The role that she plays throughout the series is quirky but very impactful.

His fans have surely been mesmerized by his work throughout the series. But, recently, her sudden change to being a lesbian on the show keeps fans skeptical regarding her sexuality in real life.

So, to clarify whether she is gay in real life or not, we have brought it to your attention here. Before we dive straight into the subject, let’s take a quick look at her brief report.

Maya Hawke Wiki, Age

Hawke, an American actress, took her first step into the world on July 8, 1998, in New York. The beautiful actress was born to parents, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.

Both parents of the actress are recognized personalities in the entertainment industry. Her parents paved the way for their separation after being married for nearly a decade.

The complexities came later, however, both parents took custody of their little daughter equally without breaking any bitterness in their hearts. Hawke was raised in a family full of stars.

As a child, she grew up with a casual mindset that she was doing well in school, making friends, and all that. She had never thought of paving her way into acting. All this happened gradually as she grew older.

In an interview with Peoplehe claimed,

I love this business. I love movies. I love art. I love him so much.

This shows how committed and passionate she is about her work.

To those who criticized her for nepotism, her parents ensured that their little daughter would flourish and stand up for herself. And she did, with her own talents and her strengths, she paved the way to her achievement.

Whatever she is today, it’s all because of her sheer passion and love for acting. She appears in series like Little woman Y Strange things, she has already proven her worth to many.

Now in Strange things, Ever since her character was revealed as a lesbian, people have been resolving doubts about her sexuality in real life.

Is Maya Hawke a lesbian?

Hawke’s role as Robin is responsible for sparking so many rumors and criticisms surrounding his sexuality. Well, reality unleashes the fact that Robin is a lesbian while Hawke is straight.

The sexuality of the actress turned out to be a question for many, however, a large number of resources make it clear that this woman is purely heterosexual and likes men in real life.

His performance in stranger things 4 became so real that it left her fans wondering. So, this in itself already shows what a fabulous actress she is. Now, if you’re wondering how Robin’s role has been portrayed in the series, we’ve got your back.

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Robin’s strange journey in Stranger Things 4

So, Robin, in stranger Things 4, is a character who eventually falls in love with a girl from his school band. Despite having deeper feelings towards the lady, Robin holds tight and close feelings for her.

She really doesn’t have enough guts to tell her feelings to the person she loves. The fact that she was a lesbian was unknown to everyone except her best friend Steve.

He was a boy who was speculated but rumored to be her boyfriend all along. However, he was just her best friend. Steve even tried to chase after his partner to confess his feelings to the girl he loved, but his attempts were in vain.

However, her sexuality, which was kept secret, suddenly makes a revelation. And based on that portrayal of Hawke’s reveal, people started making assumptions and referring to the fictional character’s sexuality being related to LGBTQ+ in reality as well, which it clearly isn’t.

She is straight and dating an amazing person.

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Who is Maya Hawke’s boyfriend?

Currently, the actress is reportedly dating the love of her life, Spencer Barnett, who is apparently her boyfriend. The two were also seen kissing on February 14, 2022.

Walking the streets of New York City, hands clasped together, they were spotted by the paparazzi and things became official from then on. The exact date since the couple started seeing each other is yet to be revealed.

Maya Hawke with her boyfriend, Spencer Barnett (Image source: JNews)

No matter what it is, the couple looks adorable together. They share a lovely bond and it shows very well. So far they are still together and savoring the flavors of love.