Is Nathan Fielder dating a new girlfriend?


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Some reports show that Nathan Fielder might be dating a new girlfriend in private.

Canadian actor and comedian Nathan Fielder has a separate fan base that he gained from his amazing work. Many people recognize him for his work in the entertainment industry, but he often becomes the center of attention regarding his personal affairs.

FYI, Fielder was once a happily married man. Fielder has not hesitated to talk about his married life since he has already been honest about it on a program. He was married to a woman from 2011 to 2014. Since then, he has led a lonely life, but now, Fielder is back in the headlines as the comedian is rumored to have a new girlfriend in his life that he is dating. in secret.

So are all the rumors true? Read on to the end to learn about your current marital status and also your previous marriage.

Who is Nathan Fielder’s new girlfriend?

Well, Nathan Fielder has been the talk of the town for quite some time now, and it’s all tied in with the theme of love. Fielder is reported to be dating a new girlfriend whose identity remains under investigation.

It all started when DeuxMoi shared a story about Fielder’s new girlfriend. Fielder is said to have been seen with his new girlfriend, who was blonde and also had a dog. The anonymous tipster also revealed that the unknown lady had a bit of LA normality.

Nathan Fielder's new girlfriend
Story of Nathan Fielder’s new girlfriend shared by DeuxMoi (Source: Reddit )

The question or statement was reported to DeuxMoi, and they responded and revealed that the lady was a comedian. For this reason, people realized that Fielder could be dating a woman who is in the same field as him. Also, the post went viral on social media, and later people started sharing it on Reddit.

People are analyzing Fielder’s love life, and everyone has different opinions about it. One of the Redditors said that Amber Schaefer could be who Fielder is currently dating. However, it is just people’s speculation. Therefore, it cannot be confirmed whether the comedian is dating a new girlfriend or is still single.

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Fielder may drop some hints about it in the future and clear up all the confusion, as his fans and supporters have been eager to find out for a long time. So for updates, we can follow Fielder on Instagram as @nathanfielder.

Nathan Fielder was married in the past

As stated above, Nathan Fielder was previously married to a woman named Sarah Ziolkowska. Fielder and Ziolkowska married during the beginning of Fielder’s career. Later, he began to gain more recognition in the industry and Fielder focused on his career, which created distance with his wife.

The situation worsened when Fielder and his ex-wife, Ziolkowska, separated. His divorce was officially finalized on April 16, 2015. Like many other celebrities, Fielder is also a private man who prefers to keep his personal affairs out of the public domain.

Nathan Fielder and Sarah Ziolkowska
Nathan Fielder and Sarah Ziolkowska together in a frame (Source: Briefly )

After splitting from his wife, Fielder later revealed that he was dating a lady. However, the comedian did not give many hints about his love life, but then he opened up about his wife. In an interview with new York Magazine, Fielder said that he and his then-wife met on a comedy show. During the same interview, Fielder said that he was living happily with someone, but did not mention the name.

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However, Fielder is once again in the spotlight after rumors of him dating a new girlfriend surfaced on the internet, which is unconfirmed at the time of this writing.