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Perez Hilton is a man that many have come to love and many others hate or dislike, as many gossip bloggers do. As an American blogger, TV personality, and columnist, Hilton has tried other things, including music and acting, but as it turns out, he has gained a foothold in the above-mentioned areas.

Perez Hilton Biography

We all knew him as Perez Hilton, but he was baptized Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. at his birth on March 23, 1978, in Miami, Florida. He is of Cuban descent and was raised by his parents, Teresita Lavandeira and Mario Lavandeira, along with his sister Barbara Lavandeira in Little Havana and Westchester.

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For his education, he attended the Belen Jesuit Preparatory School and much later went to New York University where he received a full scholarship. After graduating, Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. moved to Los Angeles where he wanted to become an actor, and soon after that, he started blogging.

As a result, he quickly rose to the top and also made it to the bottom of many people’s good lists. This is because he lives from celebrity gossip, which of course doesn’t always reach celebrities. He was branded by some as the most hated man in Hollywood, which he accepted without scruples. But then there are times when he claims to be the victim of bullying and not the one who carries out the bullying.

Is He Married or Gay? – Wife, Partner, Boyfriend

The most dominant thing that Perez Hilton has built his name on is controversy, and in this sector, he will not get off scot-free. There were many complaints about him during a performance in Celebrity Big Brother in 2015, where he was expelled in the seventh round. One concerned a revelation he made when he declared that he had lost his virginity at the age of 12 to another schoolboy. The two had sex every day in a chapel.

Now back to his sexual orientation: Hilton is gay. When he grew up, he kept his sexual preference hidden from almost everyone. Even today, he is still the man who is famous for meeting celebrities he believes are in the closet, for which he received a serious backlash. Nevertheless, his close friends had always believed that he was gay.

When he was finally at university, he decided to come out and tell his family that he was gay.

Apart from that, he always kept his dating life so seriously private that no one knew who his friend was, and he never had a wife or a partner. There are some reports that he once dated former actress and YouTube star Stevie Ryan, who was found dead in 2017 in an apparent suicide.

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His Kids

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Hilton has never been married and has never had a serious open relationship in the past. Nonetheless, he has three children, all of whom he has had through surrogacy. Beyond his work, he is very proud of his role as the parent of his three children, who he raises with his mother, who now lives with him.

His first child is named Mario, the second is named Mia Alma and the third, born in 2017, is named Mayte Amor. When he spoke about the mother of his children, he revealed that she is an anonymous donor whom he met through an agency. She is a nice woman whom he chose because she seemed nice to him in addition to her good looks.

For those who wondered why he did not adopt instead of having his biological children, the blogger said he wondered if people would ask heterosexual couples the same question. He decided to have children of his own to let his father, whom he lost at 15, live through them.

Now that he has had the children he wants, Perez Hilton is, as he said, ready to embark on the next phase of his life, men, and romance. But until then he will still be busy changing diapers and taking his children to swimming lessons.