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The list of those who have changed the world of e-commerce can hardly be complete without the name of someone like Jack Ma. He is a Chinese entrepreneur who has made a name for himself as co-founder and chairman of the Alibaba Group. Also as a philanthropist, Ma is the richest man in Asia and one of the richest men in the world, whose story has inspired many people. Here you will find everything you need to know about him.

Jack Ma Biography

Although more popular as Jack Ma, the head of the Alibaba group was born Ma Yun on 10 September 1964 in the city of Hangzhou in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. Growing up was not easy for Ma, due to many challenges, including the rejection and persecution that threatened him and his family because his family was affiliated with the National Party.

Even more, even when he was growing up to be one of the richest men in the world, he grew up in poverty with his two siblings – an older brother and a younger sister. Because of poverty and his eye for opportunity, Jack Ma decided very early on to learn English to work as a tourist guide and interpreter for tourists, which helped him to raise some money.

Jack Ma Wife (Cathy Zhang), Daughter, Son, Family, Height, Bio
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For his education, Ma started Yun as what many people would easily define as a failure. This is how he was unable to pass his exams at most stages. In fact, he revealed that he failed the primary school exam twice and the primary school exam three times. In the same way, he would fail his college entrance exams twice. More interestingly, he was interested in studying at Harvard, but the university turned him down for the 10 times he tried because he kept failing the exams.

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Nevertheless, he attended the Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute (now Hangzhou Normal University) where he studied English. Much later he attended the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

Before he immersed himself in business, Ma worked as a lecturer for some time and received only 12 dollars. As he saw the possibilities the internet offered, he started a number of things online before later founding his online shop Alibaba. That was in the 1990s. His next goal was to generate funds to run his business, but again he came up against the roadblock that had always stood in his way, as investors believed he was running a business model that would never be profitable.

But then time would show that he did everything right because he was able to build one of the most successful e-commerce companies, which has given him a net worth of several billion dollars. Later he would expand to other websites like Taobao.

Family – Wife (Cathy Zhang), Daughter, and Son

As already mentioned, Ma Yun and his parents and two other siblings came from a rather small family.

Jack Ma has been married to Cathy Zhang for a very long time. She was even there when he started his company and also contributed to the foundation of the company by investing in the company and providing other help. Although it is not known when they got married, it is known that they met when they were still in college. Shortly afterward, the two got married.

Jack Ma Wife (Cathy Zhang), Daughter, Son, Family, Height, Bio
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Cathy Zhang and her husband, of whom she said he might not be beautiful, but she fell in love with him because he could do what many beautiful men could not. He worked as a lecturer for some time before he decided to go into business for himself.

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The connection between the two was blessed with two children: Ma Yuankun (a son) and Ma Yuanbao (a daughter). Although not much is known about them, Ma Yuankun, born in 1992 and known as Jerry Ma, is a graduate of the University of Berkeley in California.

Jack Ma Height and Weight

He may be one of the richest and most influential men out there, but he is not necessarily the man with the height or even an athletic build. Expressed in numbers, he stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m). His body weight and general measurements are not intended for public use.