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Dramatic is a word that fits the description of Jason Sehorn. It would be a suitable adjective to describe his personal life. To describe his professional life, miscellaneous would be the appropriate adjective. Whatever adjective you choose to describe Jason Sehorn, there is no denying that he has lived a fulfilled life. To find out who Jason Sehorn is and what else you would like to know about the former New York Giants player? read below.

Jason Sehorn Biography

Jason was born in Sacramento, California in April 1971. This is all available information about Jason’s background. It’s hard to say if the lack of public information about Jason Sehorn’s childhood, including the identity of his parents, indicates a difficult childhood that he wants to keep secret, but at the moment there is no information about his childhood life or his parents, and it seems that Jason prefers it that way.

However, we are familiar with his formal educational history. Typically, budding soccer players spend their high school years raising their profile from junior to senior year, completing several seasons of wins and losses, performing well, and setting a record that impresses college scouts. However, this was not the case with Jason Sehorn, who only played one active year of high school football.

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Although he spent his only year at Mount Shasta High School, it is difficult to determine if he spent all of his high school years at that school. However, since we know that his jersey was withdrawn from the school in 1999, this would indicate that he spent a lot of time at the school or at least had a phenomenal year playing for the school.

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After Sehorn graduated high school and before becoming a college soccer player, he played baseball for two seasons. Initially for the American Legion baseball team and for the Chicago Cubs, who signed him after being apparently impressed by what they saw. However, Sehorn failed to impress the Cubs and was demoted to the rookie league, the Huntington Cubs.

His one-year high school career was enough to get him into a college that awarded him a scholarship to Shasta College, which offered him an education in exchange for his football talent. However, as a junior college, Jason spent two years at Shasta College before transferring to the University of Southern California to complete his education and college career.

His college career offered him the experience of playing in a variety of positions, which proved to be a desirable quality when he applied for the 1994 NFL Draft. He was signed by the New York Giants.

After a slow start to his Giants career, Sehorn grew into the team and had successful seasons in 1996 and 1997. After a serious knee injury in the opening game of the preseason against the New York Jets, he was unable to play three successful seasons in a row in 1998.

Although he was no longer the same player he was for the team after the injury, he spent two additional seasons with the Giants until he completed a cumulative six seasons for the team before being transferred to St. Louis Rams.

Sehorn was not able to repeat the outstanding performances he performed for the Giants in those six seasons. After a season with St. Louis Rams, his contract with the team was terminated, forcing him to retire earlier than he had hoped.

Since his retirement from football, Sehorn has enjoyed life away from the limelight. Today, Jason Sehorn uses his experience and expertise to lead communications for Sonic Automotive. He also works at ESPNU as a football analyst for the college’s football program. Since 2011, he has been on the network’s list of football analysts and regularly reports on Thursday and Saturday night football matches.

Family Life – Divorce, Wife, Kids

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Although there is not much information about Jason’s nuclear family, his marital family is well documented. Jason has been married three times. His first ringing of marital bells was with Whitney Casey. Why the couple divorced is unknown, but after a short time as husband and wife, the couple was separated and divorced.

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After his divorce from Whitney, Jason married Angie Harmon. The couple married in 2001 and gave birth to three girls. After thirteen years of marriage with three children together, the former lovebirds quit and divorced in December 2015.

Expecting that the third time would be the charm, Sehorn tried to love for the third time and married Meghann Gunderman. The couple has been married since January 2017.

Jason Sehorn Net Worth

Ten years in the NFL, playing cornerback for the New York Giants, the St. Louis Rams, and the Chicago Cubs, have helped Jason Sehorn lead a life of comfort and prosperity. Combined with his role as an analyst at ESPNU, his work at Sonic Automotive, and other media appearances, Jason Sehorn has built a net worth of $23 million.