Jenna Bush Hager recalls an awkward surprise party where her parents invited her old and new boyfriends.


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Jenna Bush Hager co-host of “Today with Hoda & Jenna” took a stroll down memory lane sharing a cringe-worthy tale of her 16th birthday surprise party. The unexpected turn of events occurred when her parents former US President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush extended invitations to both her ex-boyfriend and her new beau for the celebratory breakfast.

In a recent episode of the show, Hager aged 41 revealed the details of the awkward situation that unfolded years ago. The creative minds of her parents orchestrated a memorable birthday celebration for Jenna Bush Hager and her twin sister Barbara. However, the event turned uncomfortable when Jenna found herself sandwiched between her former flame and her current boyfriend at the breakfast table.

The surprise was set in motion when Jenna Bush Hager was lured into the morning affair under the guise of taking her license test. The “Sisters First” author recounted how she and her sister were instructed to bid their father farewell for the day. To their astonishment, upon entering the room they were greeted by a gathering of friends.

Hoda Kotb Jenna’s co-host reacted with disbelief questioning the decision to invite both of her love interests Jenna Bush Hager confessed that her parents had a knack for unpredictability. The amusing and unconventional gesture left Kotb at a loss for words exclaiming “Your parents are wild!”

Amid the reminiscing Jenna Bush Hager disclosed a humorous incident that transpired on the eve of her wedding to Henry Hager in 2008. Sharing a laugh with the audience she recounted her mother’s quirky excitement which led to an awkward moment. The mother-daughter exchange took a humorous turn as they referenced “The Other Boleyn Girl” a film centered around two sisters vying for the affections of King Henry VIII.

Adding an air of mystery Jenna Bush Hager alluded to another cringeworthy comment made by her mother Laura. However, she decided to leave the audience guessing refraining from divulging further details about the amusing remark.

Wrapping up her trip down memory lane Jenna Bush Hager highlighted her own initiative in securing a proposal from her now-husband Henry Hager. Employing what she jokingly referred to as a “manipulative ultimatum” she pushed her partner to pop the question ultimately leading to their wedding day.

The love story between Jenna Bush Hager and Henry has since expanded to include three children: Mila aged 10 Poppy aged 8 and Hal aged 4.

In a surprising twist of celebration, Jenna Bush Hager revisited a memorable yet awkward episode from her past. The daughter of former US President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush shared the comical account of her 16th birthday breakfast where her parents daringly extended invitations to both her ex-boyfriend and current beau.

The unexpected rendezvous left Jenna Bush Hager sandwiched between her romantic past and present evoking amusement and disbelief from her audience.

As Jenna disclosed the intricacies of the surprise party and other humorous anecdotes her story served as a reminder of the relatable and unpredictable moments that shape our lives.