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Kathleen Manafort is an American lawyer who has become popular as the wife of Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and American lobbyist Paul Manafort. After the trial of her husband for various crimes, including tax fraud and money laundering, she has become even more popular in the American media. It is well known that Kathleen stood by her husband throughout his ordeals until his conviction.

Although her face became very well known through the media coverage of her husband’s trial, not so much is known about her because she managed to maintain a private life. But nevertheless, we have something about her for you.

Kathleen Manafort – Biography

Kathleen Bond Manafort was born in the United States in December 1952. She was raised by her parents, Joseph Nelson Bond, an aeronautical engineer, and Patricia Bond in Long Island with her siblings Thomas, Jay, and Randolph. Her mother died in 2015 before her father died in 2018.

She went to George Washington University for her education after completing her high school education. There she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration before going to Georgetown University, where she received her Juris Doctor Degree (J.D.). In 1988, she passed the Virginia Bar Exam, and in 1991, as a member of D.C.

Her relationship with Paul Manafort

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Although it is not clear how the two met for the first time, it is known that they both attended Georgetown University. However, it is not known whether they met there since Kathleen graduated in 1979 while her husband graduated in 1974.

What is certain is that Paul and Kathleen married Manafort in 1978, a year before Kathleen graduated. Since then, the couple has remained together for more than four decades. However, the marriage has not been without its challenges, including a case of alleged infidelity on Paul’s part. Nevertheless, marriage has proven its worth in this regard.

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Facts About Paul Manafort’s Wife

1. Her Husband

Paul John Manafort Jr., born in 1949, has become a familiar face in the United States as former campaign manager for Donald Trump in the run-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election. He is also a lobbyist, political advisor, and former lawyer who is now a convicted felon. His father was a politician and served as mayor of New Britain from 1965 to 1971. In 1981, the elderly Manafort was indicted in a corruption case but was not convicted.

Manafort has worked with top people, including Angolan rebel leader Jonas Savimbi, former Philippine Ferdinand Marcos, and has also been a lobbyist in deals with countries such as Russia and Ukraine.

2. Her Children

Kathleen Manafort and her husband have been blessed with two daughters – Andrea and Jessica. The latter is married to Jeffery Yohai until 2017 when the marriage ended. Yohai was found guilty of wire transfer fraud and identity theft, while also being suspected of real estate-related financial crimes.

Jessica, who had always distanced herself from her father, changed her name to Jessica Anne Bond. She is a Hollywood author and director. Although her parents are Republicans, she is a registered Democrat. Andrea, on the other hand, works in Fort L.P. in Washington D.C. as Associate General Counsel. She is married to Christopher Shand.

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3. She has displayed unflinching support and loyalty to her Husband

Kathleen Manafort has not failed to support her husband in all his legal battles, always appearing in court and sitting right behind his defense table. Unfortunately, it was reported that Paul was not completely loyal to her. It was claimed that he had a mistress who was 30 years younger than himself. The mistress was housed in an apartment in New York, and she was given an unlimited credit card.

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4. Net Worth

Not so much is known about Kathleen Manafort’s professional life or even about the businesses she is involved in – if she is involved at all. For this reason, her net worth is unknown. However, it is known that her husband, a very popular lobbyist who has worked with powerful men and leaders of many countries on all continents, has net assets of tens of millions of dollars. During his trial, he claimed that his net worth was $28 million, but there are caveats in some circles that claim that his wealth is even greater.

The couple owns businesses and properties in various parts of the United States, including Trump Tower, where they own an apartment.