Kevin Costner alleges estranged wife’s new boyfriend gave her $20k in cash.


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In a courtroom showdown that captured the attention of many Hollywood stars, Kevin Costner confronted his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner as they grappled over the amount of child support he’s obligated to pay. Costner best known for his role in “Yellowstone” raised allegations that Baumgartner’s new boyfriend had handed her a substantial sum of $20000 in cash further complicating their ongoing legal dispute.

The court hearing which took place on Thursday witnessed Kevin Costner assert that Baumgartner had been less than forthcoming about her actual financial standing. He contended that her deception was a calculated attempt to secure a higher monthly child support payment. The once-married couple was seeking a resolution to determine the revised child support amount with Kevin Costner presenting a strong stance during the proceedings.

Unearthed documents cited by TMZ revealed that Kevin Costner pointed fingers at Baumgartner’s unidentified paramour asserting that the mysterious man had gifted her the sizable sum in cash. Although the man’s identity remained undisclosed in the documents insider sources suggested that Costner suspected Josh Connor a close friend as the potential boyfriend. Connor and Baumgartner had been spotted on a vacation together in July yet both parties denied a romantic involvement.

Kevin Costner who maintained that Baumgartner was capitalizing on the financial advantages of her new relationship held his ground on the existing $129000-a-month agreement. He argued that any further increase in the payment was unwarranted. However, People magazine reported that Baumgartner and her attorney refuted claims of her romantic involvement with Connor when she took the stand.

Kevin Costner alleges estranged wife's new boyfriend gave her $20k in cash.

The actor intensified his allegations portraying Baumgartner’s intentions as solely driven by a desire to use the additional child support funds for personal enhancements. These included plastic surgery private trainers and miscellaneous expenses billed to unallocated credit cards. Kevin Costner’s legal filing painted Baumgartner as an individual with no intention of seeking employment or income-generating activities.

Contrary to Costner’s claims Baumgartner offered her rationale for requesting nearly $200000 per month from her former spouse. In a statement, she expressed that her aim was to sustain a lifestyle comparable to the one their children enjoyed while with their father. The court order as per her legal team should ensure a level of support in line with Kevin’s substantial wealth.

Baumgartner’s legal team argued that the financial support should facilitate a lifestyle akin to Costner’s opulence even if it meant elevating her own standard of living. Her vision encompassed a “comparable house” to Kevin Costner’s $145 million residence and extravagant vacations via chartered private planes. She emphasized that the children deserved parallel experiences during their time with her.

Baumgartner’s claims about Costner’s financial standing added a new layer of complexity. She contended that his net worth had quadrupled to over $400 million during their marriage. However, she alleged that he had concealed this information to secure a favorable judgment for himself. The couple’s divorce filed earlier this year after 18 years of marriage had led to intense legal battles over child support expenses and assets.

In a previous ruling, a judge mandated that Kevin Costner pay Baumgartner $129755 monthly in child support. This figure was notably higher than his initial proposal of $52000 but fell short of Baumgartner’s request for $248000. The judgment also required Costner to cover legal fees and forensic costs. Although he expressed having spent over a million dollars since the initiation of divorce proceedings the contentious feud showed no signs of abating.

As Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner navigate this publicized legal struggle their courtroom showdown remains a dramatic spectacle that brings attention to not only their personal dynamics but also the complexities of divorce proceedings in the world of celebrities.