Kevin Costner Estranged Wife Claims He Lied About Net Worth as He Jets Off in Private Plane


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Kevin Costner Estranged Wife Claims He Lied About Net Worth as He Jets Off in Private Plane: Kevin Costner has recently found himself in the spotlight both for his extravagant lifestyle choices and the ongoing dispute with his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner over alleged financial secrecy.

The famed “Yellowstone” actor was captured disembarking from a luxurious G5 private jet at the Santa Barbara airport just as claims from Baumgartner about his concealed wealth continue to make waves.

Sporting a casual ensemble the 68-year-old star donned a black sweatshirt matching sweatpants and crisp white New Balance sneakers as he returned from a film venture in Glasgow Scotland. The G5 jet he arrived in is no ordinary mode of transportation boasting a price tag that can climb up to $45 million when new. Nevertheless, pre-owned models are available in the range of $4 to $10 million offering a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle Kevin Costner embraces.

This lavish journey unfolds amidst Baumgartner’s allegations that Kevin Costner is intentionally withholding information about his financial affairs during their tumultuous divorce proceedings. In response, Baumgartner’s legal team filed a request with the California Superior Court urging Kevin Costner to disclose documents pertaining to his business undertakings. The estranged couple’s child support hearing scheduled for the upcoming week hangs in the balance as accusations of “stonewalling” and lack of transparency fly.

Baumgartner’s claims take a dramatic turn as she asserts that Kevin Costner’s net worth has ballooned significantly since their marriage commenced 18 years ago. Legal documents obtained by TMZ reveal that when they signed their prenuptial agreement in 2004 Kevin Costner reportedly declared assets totaling $102716000. However, the model now alleges that her estranged spouse’s wealth has soared to nearly $400 million inclusive of approximately $24 million in liquid assets.

While the estranged couple battles it out in the legal arena their three children—Cayden 16, Hayes 14, and Grace 13—stand at the heart of the controversy. In a surprising July ruling a judge ordered Kevin Costner to pay Baumgartner a monthly child support sum of $129755 a considerable reduction from her initial demand of $248000. Additionally, Kevin Costner was compelled to cover $200000 in attorney’s fees and $100000 in forensic expenses.

Yet Baumgartner’s quest for an enhanced child support arrangement remains ongoing. She has expressed a desire for her children to maintain a consistent and comfortable lifestyle regardless of the divorce proceedings. As the court drama unfolds the tale of Kevin Costner’s high-flying lifestyle and Baumgartner’s pursuit of financial transparency continues to capture public attention.

In the world of Hollywood glitz and personal strife, Kevin Costner’s journey from a glamorous private jet to the heart of a financial dispute paints a vivid picture of a life both enviable and complex. With eyes on the court’s forthcoming decisions, the saga between these estranged spouses promises to reveal more about the intersection of wealth family, and fame.