Kevin Hart Bids Tearful Farewell to Daughter Heaven as She Leaves for College


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Kevin Hart Bids Tearful Farewell to Daughter Heaven as She Leaves for College: Kevin Hart the renowned comedian recently bid an emotional farewell to his daughter Heaven as she embarked on her journey to college.

The 44-year-old star who had recently shared news of a painful injury that had temporarily left him wheelchair-bound took to social media to express his heartfelt sentiments.

In a touching family snapshot shared on his Instagram Kevin Hart can be seen alongside his wife Eniko and their children Heaven Hendrix (15) and Kenzo (5). The photo was taken just before 18-year-old Heaven left for college. Hart’s eyes appeared a little teary reflecting the emotional toll of watching his daughter reach this significant milestone.

Addressing his staggering 178 million followers Kevin Hart poured out his emotions saying “I’m not crying you’re [sic] crying…. So proud of my daughter….I can’t even say little girl anymore because you have blossomed into the most amazing young woman ever!!!!! God knows I am beyond proud of you and that I love you with my all. Fly Heav Fly….The world is yours!!!!! My baby girl is off to college…. I cried in the car!!!! #Harts.”

The Kevin Hart family stood strong together in Heaven’s dorm room with Kevin Hart’s expression revealing a mix of pride and nostalgia. Notably, Heaven is Hart’s daughter from his previous marriage to Torrei Hart to whom he was married from 2003 to 2011. The couple also shares another child Hendrix.

His current wife, Eniko Hart welcomed two more children: Kenzo and Kaori who are two years old. Despite his comedic persona Kevin Hart often lets his paternal side shine through frequently gushing over his kids on social media and during interviews.

This emotional moment comes just a few months after Heaven’s high school graduation which Hart celebrated with an equally touching Instagram post. He expressed his immense pride not only in Heaven’s accomplishments but also in her role as an inspiring older sister to her cousins.

“Iron Sharpens Iron….it always has and always will” Hart penned. “We have to motivate each other and continue to make ourselves better….Dream big damn it!!!!! Have you made me so proud yesterday ….Doo Zo & Ori are all watching you ….You are the best big sister ever!!!!!! We all love you so much!!!!!! #Harts.”

Hart’s candidness about his feelings as a father is evident in his interviews. He once shared on “The Ellen Show” that “I love that she’s growing up that’s my best friend my heart. And it’s a little emotional. I see myself realizing that that time is coming for her to leave the house and I don’t like it.” He even humorously mentioned trying to persuade her to consider staying in Los Angeles for college.

However, Heaven had her sights set on New York highlighting the inevitable bittersweet moment when a parent sees their child take flight toward independence and new experiences.

As Kevin Hart a figure known for his comedic flair walks this emotional journey alongside his daughter his words and actions remind us that even the funniest hearts are not immune to the poignancy of watching their children spread their wings and fly toward their dreams.