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KevJumba, the well-known Asian-American star was born on June 12, 1990, in Houston, Texas, United States of America. He is a blogger, humanitarian and activist. Kev is the son of Michael Wu; a software consultant who happens to be a Chinese immigrant from Taiwan. The handsome blogger, whose real name is Kevin Wu, has never divulged information about his mother. Kevin has a younger sibling named Kelly Wu.

Kevin Wu was a student at Clement High School in Sugarland, Texas, and also attended California State University. Since his father was a computer technician, KevJumba developed an interest in web browsing while still in high school. He was enchanted by the stand-up comedy events of Dave Chapelle, a comedian, and actor. He was fascinated and started publishing comic videos on Youtube.

The first video by KevJumba, in which he did a breakdance in his garden, received little recognition. In the course of time, content and theme started to improve. In March 2007 his channel started to gain the necessary recognition. Jeff Yang, the popular journalist, and writer praises Wu for his outstanding qualities.

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Kevin’s passion for video production eventually led him to leave college. Because of his determination to become a star, he began posting funny videos on his YouTube channel ‘KevJumba’, which started when he was still in high school. The videos focus on the sensual exploration of Asian-American teenagers. His individual experiences resonated with most colored and Asian teenagers.

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Some of KevJumba’s famous videos, including “I have to deal with stereotypes” and “My father is a butthash hero,” fascinated the majority of the masses who watched them within a short time. Kevin was sponsored by important and influential people like J.C. Penney and T-Mobile. Both provided him with the necessary rewarding mercenary. He also worked with such notable YouTube celebrities as Philip DeFranco, Jessica Lee Rose, Christine Gambito, Ryan Higa, and several others.

The Year 2008

In 2008, KevJumba won ninth place in the Top 10 Entertainers category of iStardom Incorporation. Kevin was also recommended by HBOLab for publication in “Hooking up”, their web series for that year. In the same year, his fan base grew and he gained famous personalities who became his fans. Celebrities like Ella Noon, Baron Davis, and Jessica Alba all gained interest in his content.

Due to KevJumba’s rapid rise to prominence, his father was captivated and had his first appearance in Wu’s “I Love my Dad” video. He was also featured in other videos that he shot later. In 2010 KevJumba and his father joined forces to participate in the TV reality show “The Amazing Race”. His popularity and versatility earned him golden chances in the following movies: Man-Up, Hang Loose, and Revenge of the Dragon.

KevJumba Car Accident

From 2013 KevJumba disappeared from YouTube and other social media platforms for unknown reasons but later returned in 2017. When he reappeared in public, Kevin revealed that he was involved in a terrible car accident that almost wiped him out. He shared his experiences through his YouTube video “Hope”, which was released on 15 March 2017.

Although many believed he had lost his life, it is safe to know that Kevin is safe and alive.

Philanthropy and Net Worth

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Wu is a celebrity who likes to donate to charity. In 2008, he initiated the “Jumbo Fund” by using his YouTube channel exclusively to raise funds for the less privileged. Kevin has donated thousands of dollars to several social conglomerates, and he has also helped establish primary schools in Kenya, Africa. He has done this to provide free, quality education to destitute children. In 2009, he went on tour and started a comic music program to raise awareness of the dreaded hepatitis B.

KevJumba, the YouTube celebrity, has a net worth of about $2 million.

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Relationship, Height

Kevin has a lovely girlfriend. He’s a celebrity who refused to divulge information about his relationship. No information was released about his girlfriend because he chose to keep quiet. In 2013, he had a relationship with a woman named Madison. He has a remote account where he presents his girlfriend and close friends. He makes most of his comments about her, but he’s super private.

KevJumba is tall, but not as tall as his father. While his father is 1.80 m tall, he is 1.80 m tall.

Quick Facts about KevJumba

KevJumba’s videos have received accolades from top celebrities like Jessica Alba, Ella Koon, and Baron Davis.

As of June 5, 2008, Wu had gotten to the number one spot of the most subscribed comedian on YouTube.

His videos in total have been viewed over 343.9 million times.

In the year 2008, at age 21, his YouTube videos received 9 million views.