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Kitty Szekely was born in 2002. Kitty”, as she is affectionately called, is a diminutive form of the English name Katherine. She was designed for the popular American comedian Louis C.K.; her real name – Louis A. Szekely and his ex-wife Alix Bailey, a painter. Like her mother, Kitty Szekely is said to have a passion for painting and is also said to have spent part of her childhood in the town of Lowell, Massachusetts. She currently lives with her mother in New York City.

Kitty happens to be the first child of Louis C.K. and Alix Bailey. She is of Hungarian-Mexican descent; her paternal grandfather, Dr. Geza Szekely, was Hungarian and married her paternal grandmother, Rosario Sanchez Morales, who was Mexican. She also has some Italian, Irish, and Jewish ancestors.

There is no official wiki page associated with Kitty Szekely. So not much is known about her educational background and her background (if she has one). Her parents have done an excellent job of protecting her private life from the prying eyes of the media, and she has been able to live successfully under the radar. The few times she was seen in public was with her father.

Kitty Szekely Biography, Wiki, Relationship With Parents, Siblings
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Kitty Szekely Relationship With Parents

Although information about Kitty Szekely seems to be very scarce and practically unavailable, her parents could have books written about her based on the surplus information about her that can be found on the Internet.

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Louis C.K

Her famous father Louis C.K. was born on September 12, 1967, in Washington, D.C. He is a comedian, actor, writer, editor, director, and also a producer with a long illustrious career spanning 32 years. He has been associated with great comedy actors such as David Letterman, Chris Rock, Conan O’Brien, and many others, for whom he provided a considerable amount of comic content for their comedy shows.

In 2001 Louis released his first comedy album entitled Live in Houston and would release 8 more comedy shows over the years. He also directed several short films, such as Tomorrow Night, Pootie Tang, and a semi-autobiographical comedy-drama series entitled Louie (2010-2015), which he also wrote, produced, and starred in.

Among Louis C.K.’s other notable filmographic lectures are The Invention of Lies (2009), American Hustle (2013), Trumbo (2015), Horace and Pete (2016), Better Things (2016 to date), The Secret Life of Pets (2016) and most recently I love You Daddy (2017).

Louis was placed fourth on Rolling Stone’s list of the 50 best stand-up comics of all time. He has won 6 primetime Emmys, 2 Grammy Awards, and a Peabody Award for his great progress in show business.

Alix Bailey

On the other hand, Kitty Szekely’s mother Alix Bailey (born on February 3, 1967) is an Italian painter. Her parents were also painters, and she grew up both in Italy and in New Haven Connecticut. She studied painting at the renowned Bennington College and also attended the University of Indiana, where she earned a Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

She studied painting at the prestigious Bennington College and also attended the University of Indiana where she received a Master of Fine Arts. Alix Bailey is considered an exceptional painter, and her work has graced the walls of high-profile art galleries such as the Blue Mountain Gallery, receiving positive reviews and awards from art industry stakeholders such as Larry Groff.

Alix has also made cameo appearances in a number of her ex-husband’s short films, and some of her artwork was featured in Louis’ Pootie Tang (2001). She was recently cast as Alice in the family adventure film Spooky Stakeout (2016), written by Matthew Roche and directed by Ruth Treacy.

Kitty Szekely Parents’ Divorce

Kitty Szekely had to deal with the emotional trauma of her parent’s divorce at the young age of 6 years. In 1995 her parents married, but after about 13 years of marriage and two lovely daughters (Kitty Szekely and Mary Louise Szekely), they decided to divorce in 2008.

Although the real reason for their divorce is still a mystery, some unconfirmed sources believe that Alix probably got tired of her husband’s constant jokes about their marriage and marital problems in his comedy shows. Others believe that Alix was already privy to Louis’s perverse tendency to watch women masturbate before this was recently revealed and that this may have contributed to the couple’s divorce.

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Family Scandal and Siblings

Louis recently accepted the sexual harassment allegations made against him, and although he apologized for his actions, he lost the support of people like FX, HBO, TBS, and Illumination Entertainment who severed all ties with him due to his sexual harassment mess.

It is believed that Alix and Louis tried couples counseling in 2007, but apparently, it couldn’t help them resolve their marital problems and they eventually divorced the next year. As mentioned above, Kitty Szekely has a younger sister. Alix and Louis share joint custody of Kitty and her sister Mary. The girls spend most of their time with their mother in New York and visit their father from time to time (mostly on weekends).

It is assumed that Louis puts everything concerning work on hold when he has the girls.