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As big as Instagram is, there are people who attract the most attention on the platform alone. While we may not be looking at the top of the platform with hundreds of millions of followers at this time, we will be looking at one model, Kristina Basham, who has a significant number of followers on the platform and promises to gain even more in the future as she continues to build her career. Learn more about this star, her family, her relationship life, and everything else we found out about her.

Kristina Basham Bio (Age)

Kristina Basham was born on July 31, 1988, in San Francisco, California, as an American of Caucasian ethnicity, since her father is of Italian and French descent and her mother is of Middle Eastern and German descent.

As a child, she suffered from an obsessive-compulsive disorder that causes people to have exaggerated thoughts that lead them to repeat behaviors. With the help of her parents, however, she managed to overcome this and lead a normal life.

Kristina Basham (Model) Wiki, Net worth, Age, Parents, Height, Boyfriend
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In her primary school, she actively participated in sports and ran cross-country skiing, for which she was awarded a gold medal. Kristina Basham was accepted into college at the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned her first degree in economics and later a master’s degree in finance at Berkley Graduate School. She began her corporate career with a corporate job but soon left it because of her love of modeling, which she started at the age of 11.

After quitting her job, she signed with a modeling agency in New York and another in London, all in an effort to find fulfillment with her talent and beauty. At that time she was modeling for Balenciaga, Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera, Tommy Hilfiger and was also a brand ambassador for Aston Martin, Disney, Emirates Airlines, and Nissan.

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However, she felt dissatisfied with her new career and had the feeling of doing things she shouldn’t have done. So she left the modeling industry and opened her bakery business in the Bay of San Francisco under the name Le Vasseur Confectionary, where she finally not only found fulfillment but was also enriched by the income.

Well, Kristina Basham can’t help but have one of the most beautiful faces and one of the most desirable bodies in the modeling industry. As a result, she has not been pushed into the background, but still models selectively at major events such as Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and London Fashion Week.

As for her beauty, her Instagram handle has seen a large number of followers following the handle, which has inspired over 4.5 million followers with hundreds of contributions (images) of her. She describes herself as a pianist/violinist and skincare guru.

Kristina Basham Net worth

For a trained economist, a model who later became an entrepreneur in the person of Kristina Basham, she certainly has plenty of knowledge to make a fortune with every little amount she puts her hands on. After all, we have learned from her over the years, her actual wealth has not yet been verified. However, some sources estimate her net worth at $3 million. To be fair, Kristina should be worth more than that.

Family – Parents and Boyfriend

Kristina Basham (Model) Wiki, Net worth, Age, Parents, Height, Boyfriend
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Apart from the above-mentioned ethnicity of their parents, we do not know at this time what their identity is in relation to their names, what they do, and whether or not they had other children besides Kristina Basham.

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Kristina is reported to have been married to an unnamed man during her college years. She had her two children with him while working in a company after graduating from high school. The story tells that it became Herculean for her to manage her roles as wife, mother, and employee, in addition to a few other evils in the marriage. So she decided to divorce and ended her first marriage.

Currently, she is said to be dating the American writer and cartoonist Scott Adams, who is credited with the Dilbert comic series. The couple has an age difference of over 30 years, but this does not seem to be a problem for her, as they have repeatedly appeared together in public.


It stands at a height of about 171 cm (5 feet 6 inches).