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Kristina Pimenova is known as a Russian children’s model, but she is already more famous and successful than the majority of models out there. By January 2018, Pimenova has collected nearly 4.5 million followers on Facebook and over 2 million on Instagram. At that time she was not even a teenager.

With her bright blue eyes and fine legs, Pimenova delighted many people with her beauty when she came into the spotlight. After appearing in several commercials of huge and popular establishments like Benetton, Armani, and Roberto Cavalli, they all unanimously crowned her the most beautiful girl in the world.

Kristina is not only a model but also has other interests. She loves traveling, but is curious about gymnastics and appreciates acting. She once conveyed that she hopes one day to become a phenomenal actress and film director. Speaking of acting, the Russian children’s model has already made one or two shots of it. You can find her as a singing child in the Italian fantasy film Creators: The Past, produced by Piergiuseppe Zaia, Eleonora Fani, and Bruce Payne. She also appeared alongside well-known actors as Dasha in the horror-thriller film The Russian Bride.

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Kristina Pimenova Age, Wiki, Height

Kristina was born on 27 December 2005. Although the model lives in the United States, she was born in Moscow, Russia, and baptized Kristina Ruslanovna Pimenova. According to what we have learned, the Russian child was introduced to the world of modeling at the age of 3. Due to her pleasing appearance and attractive appearance, she enchanted the people around her, and often her mother is asked to involve her in modeling immediately.

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Hesitant at first, Kristina’s mother was eventually persuaded to model for her baby. It is said that she took beautiful photos of Kristina and sent them to an agency. Since the pictures were impossible to miss, a model was born. The girl got contracts with big names in the fashion industry to model the line of her children.

Considering Kristina’s age, she will inevitably gain more height. At the time of this report, she is slightly taller than 5 ft 5 in tall or else 1.65 m.

Parents, Family

Although it seems that Kristina is her mother’s job, Glikeriya Shirokova manages Kristina’s social media sites, it is known that her father, Ruslan Pimenov, is a former footballer. He even represented Russia at the 2002 FIFA World Cup and played two games.

Before Kristina’s mother found a career as a model for her child, she was a model herself. Kristina’s parents became lovers after they first met at the Russian football club in Moscow (FC Lokomotiv Moscow), where Ruslan spent most of his career in professional football. Shirokova worked as one of the football club’s employees. There are reasonable suspicions that Kristina’s parents are no longer together. However, this has not been confirmed.

Kristina is not her mother’s only child, she has an older half-sister named Natalia. Sometime in 2014, Shirokova was heavily criticized for the kind of pictures she posted on Kristina’s social media accounts. Among other things, she was accused of sharing sexualized images of the child model. This is because the pictures often receive disturbing comments about how beautiful Kristina is, her legs, and other “sexy” body parts. The girl has even received several marriage proposals.

Shirokova clapped back at those who have made it their duty to roast her for what she believes is a sexual reification of little Kristina, claiming that the pictures are completely innocent and that anyone who sees anything sexual in the pictures is a pedophile.

The children’s model has not yet started posting on the Internet herself, Sirokova emphasized when she explained that she always tries to make sure that all posts in Kristina’s social media accounts are child-friendly. She announced that she usually removes disruptive and inappropriate comments from the sites, claiming that people who post such comments have serious psychological problems.

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Kristina Pimenova Net Worth

Kristina is definitely one of those children in the world where adults are very interested in assigning a character to the wealth they have. Thanks to her many lucrative modeling contracts, she has probably already reached the point where she can enjoy a life without financial difficulties.

You will probably find that the Russian children’s Kristina Pimenova model net worth $245 million. This is completely untrue. While we still need to make a reliable estimate of the value of her net worth but we can safely say that she is rich, but not that rich.