Kroy Biermann Files for Emergency Hearing to Sell $3M Home Amid Financial Woes


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Kroy Biermann the former NFL player has taken an urgent step in his ongoing battle with financial difficulties. In a dramatic turn of events, he has petitioned a judge for an emergency hearing to approve the sale of his shared $3 million mansion with estranged wife Kim Zolciak. This strategic move comes as both individuals grapple with what appears to be a sea of monetary challenges.

Papers from the courts show that Kroy Biermann thinks selling their house in Georgia might help with their money problems. The couple including Khloe who asked for a divorce this year seems to owe a lot of money from their marriage that didn’t go well.

Despite Kroy Biermann’s efforts to keep up with the mortgage payments by selling his personal items including high-end designer attire, they found themselves facing the threat of foreclosure earlier this year. The retired athlete’s actions managed to prevent a foreclosure auction on the property. However, the struggle continued and the court documents now disclose that they are once again on the brink of foreclosure due to the failure to make July’s mortgage payment.

Kroy Biermann’s claims shed light on a contentious financial dynamic between him and Kim Zolciak. While both have resorted to selling personal possessions to alleviate the crisis Kroy alleges that the proceeds from Kim’s sales including her daughter’s luxury goods have not been directed toward the mortgage or other essential expenses.

This development comes as a follow-up to Kroy Biermann’s recent divorce filing from Kim known for her appearance on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” In the filing, Kroy emphasizes that their union is now “irretrievably broken.” Additionally, he seeks full legal and physical custody of their four minor children aiming to prioritize their well-being amidst the ongoing turmoil.

Behind the scenes, the financial pressures have been driving a wedge between the estranged couple. Reports reveal that disputes over unpaid bills have escalated into significant conflicts. Sources close to the situation have described the couple’s arguments as “ridiculously petty” with tensions rising over even minor financial disagreements.

Kroy Biermann Files for Emergency Hearing to Sell $3M Home Amid Financial Woes

Their mansion’s brush with foreclosure earlier in the year was only the tip of the iceberg. Reports surfaced coinciding with news of their separation stating that the duo owed the IRS an astonishing sum of over $1 million. Moreover, Kroy alleged that Kim’s gambling addiction had brought their family to the brink of financial collapse a claim he backed with court documents highlighting her substantial expenditure on gambling and games of chance.

As the financial troubles persist legal battles have emerged on various fronts for both Kroy and Kim. Saks/Capital One recently initiated a lawsuit against Kim for a substantial sum of unpaid credit card fees. Similarly, Target pursued legal action in June for unpaid credit card bills. Their daughter Brielle also faced legal consequences as American Express sued her for an outstanding credit card balance.

On Kroy Biermann’s side, the financial crunch prompted a lawsuit from BMW Financial Services for defaulting on car payments for a vehicle valued at over $400000. Kroy Biermann attorney attributed these woes to the drastic reduction in income following his retirement from the NFL.

In this whirlwind of financial and legal turmoil, Kroy Biermann’s move to seek the sale of their shared mansion stands as a pivotal decision. The outcome of the emergency hearing will undoubtedly impact not only the trajectory of their financial struggles but also the lives of their four children and the division of their assets.

As their financial narrative unfolds the Biermann-Zolciak saga serves as a reminder of the complexities that can emerge when personal and financial matters intertwine leaving behind a trail of legal battles and emotional distress.