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At a time when interracial marriages were not the norm in the United States, Maureen Blumhardt took the bold step of marrying the love of her life, African-American NBA superstar Charles Barkley. For over thirty years, the couple has stayed together and lived their lives far from the limelight. Everything seems to be looking good for them, as both have made the perfect transition to different careers than they did when they first met.

Blumhardt, in particular, has built up an enviable reputation. She is a prominent wife who is talked about for many good reasons, especially because she does what many people don’t do by showing others how to love. She does this by dedicating her life to helping underprivileged children and advocating for women’s rights.

Maureen Blumhardt at a Glance

Life Before Her Marriage to Charles Barkley

Maureen Blumhardt was born on 15 January 1960 to white parents. Although not much is known about her educational background or her early years in general, it is said that she grew up with the desire to become an actress.

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However, things did not turn out as she had hoped, as she was unable to live her childhood dream. Later in life, Maureen found work as a paralegal in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. During this time she also worked as a model, especially for the promotion of the Noblerex K-1 body vibration machine.

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What Does She Do Now?

Maureen Blumhardt has led a life far from the limelight and at the same time made sure to help society in as many ways as she could. The former model does a lot of humanitarian work through her role as an honorary member of the Fresh Women’s Foundation, an organization that provides women with education, support, and other resources that would make a positive difference in their lives.

In recent times, however, as her husband can be seen on TV almost every other day for his work as an NBA analyst on the TNT show, Inside the NBA, Maureen has also taken to social media to interact more with fans. She has a Twitter page where she provides updates and insights into her life as well as what her husband is like at home.

How Maureen Blumhardt Met and Married the NBA Star

In the 1980s Charles Barkley played for the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA and established himself as one of the most dominant power forwards in the game. Around this time, Maureen Blumhardt was working in the same condition as her future husband, and their paths soon crossed.

Their unprecedented love story began at a Bucks County restaurant called City Avenue, where they met for the first time. As the story goes, it was love at first sight for both of them, but they had to keep things secret because of Barkley’s high profile.

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In the following months, the two officially started dating, but few people, including Barkley’s teammates and media representatives, knew about it. It is said that they chose to keep it to themselves so as not to become targets for people who would comment on their racial differences.

In 1989, Maureen Blumhardt and Charles Barkley decided to take their relationship to the next level by exchanging vows and becoming husband and wife. In the same way, they handled their relationship, the couple kept their marriage secret, with only those close to them knowing about it. It was said that they had had a small and intimate wedding ceremony that was not typical of a famous and wealthy basketball player.

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How Many Kids Does Maureen Blumhardt Have?

In 1989, the same year that Maureen Blumhardt married Charles Barkley, the couple welcomed a daughter named Christiana Barkley. As they managed their marriage, the couple raised their daughter far from the limelight, so the public would not learn much about her formative years and her education.

Later in life, however, it was discovered that Christiana graduated from the University of Villanova, Pennsylvania, in 2011. She later enrolled at Columbia University, New York, where she earned a degree in journalism in 2017. Before graduating in journalism, she worked as a sales assistant at Turner Sports, New York from 2011 to 2014.

Besides Christiana, there are rumors that Maureen and her husband have a son. Assuming that they keep things about them out of the public eye, this could prove true later, but neither of them has talked about having another child. There is also no evidence to support the rumor, especially in this day and age when almost everything can be easily verified on social media. The rumor has now died a natural death, as the couple has not made it credible and nobody seems to talk about it anymore.