Miranda Kerr expecting her fourth child a boy with her husband Evan Spiegel


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In a heartwarming revelation renowned model Miranda Kerr is overjoyed to announce her pregnancy with her fourth child and it’s another bundle of joy for her and her husband Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. The couple’s shared excitement fills the air as they anticipate welcoming another son into their loving family.

Miranda Kerr 40 took to social media to share the delightful news with her followers. Accompanying her announcement was a touching snapshot that captured the radiant moment of her cradling her growing baby bump. With words that exuded happiness, she exclaimed “So excited to announce baby number 4 🥹.” The subsequent slide featured her ecstatic revelation “And it’s a boy 💙💙💙💙” accompanied by an adorable image showcasing four pairs of white-and-yellow sneakers in varying sizes.

For this special announcement, Miranda Kerr graced the world with her presence in a flowing white lace crop top paired with light-wash low-rise jeans. With her shoulder-length brown hair neatly parted down the center she shared a soft smile complemented by her rose-colored lips.

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel whose union was sealed in marriage in May 2017 are already the proud parents of Hart 5 and Myles 3. The upcoming addition to their family solidifies their journey as parents who cherish the unique perspectives each child brings into their lives. Additionally, Kerr’s eldest child 12-year-old Flynn is from her previous marriage to Orlando Bloom with whom she shares a co-parenting bond.

The joyous announcement is the result of Evan Spiegel’s yearning to expand their family a sentiment Miranda Kerr playfully confirmed in November 2022. With a laugh, she admitted that her husband had been “trying to convince me.” The doting mother who holds an open heart for the possibility of more children expressed her fascination with seeing the world through her children’s eyes noting that each of them offers a distinct and captivating viewpoint.

Miranda Kerr expecting her fourth child a boy with her husband Evan Spiegel

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel’s love story began to unfold in July 2016 when they became engaged after a year of dating. Their partnership is a testament to the beauty of shared dreams and aspirations. Kerr’s previous marriage to Orlando Bloom holds a special place in her life particularly due to their shared responsibility in raising Flynn.

Among the treasured connections that have blossomed in Kerr’s life is her close friendship with pop star Katy Perry who is engaged to English actor Orlando Bloom. The couple welcomed their own daughter Daisy in August 2020 further intertwining the lives of these prominent figures.

As anticipation grows Miranda Kerr’s announcement reverberates with excitement and joy. The forthcoming addition to her family is a testament to the beauty of love unity and the anticipation of a new life that will undoubtedly enrich their lives in ways beyond imagination. With a thriving family and a heart full of warmth, Miranda Kerr embraces the journey of motherhood with open arms sharing her experiences and the wonders of life with a world eager to share in her joy.