Moore and Decker show support for Roddick on the anniversary of the U.S. Open win.


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Moore and Decker show support for Andy on the anniversary of the U.S. Open win: Mandy Moore renowned for her role in “This Is Us” recently took to Instagram to share her admiration for her ex-boyfriend Andy Roddick on the 20th anniversary of his U.S. Open win. Despite not being in direct contact with him and his wife Brooklyn Decker Moore expressed heartfelt sentiments towards Roddick’s milestone.

The actress reflected on her Instagram Story about the impact Andy had on her young adult life during their relationship from 2003 to 2004. She praised a GQ article that discussed Roddick’s journey since his iconic victory describing him as a significant part of her past. Moore congratulated him and his family expressing her genuine happiness for their achievements.

Although Roddick hasn’t publicly responded to Moore’s social media post Decker his wife engaged in a friendly exchange with Moore. Decker recognizing the magazine’s feature on Andy thanked them for the thoughtful portrayal of her partner.

Moore responded with admiration for the story and Decker in turn commended Moore for being a “class act” and acknowledged her role in Roddick’s life during their time together.

Decker and Roddick’s love story began in 2007 leading to their engagement in the following year. The couple tied the knot in 2009 eventually welcoming two children son Hank and daughter Stevie. In contrast, Moore has embarked on her own journey marrying Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith. They have two sons Gus and Oscar.

Before Moore gave birth to her eldest son in 2021 Decker displayed her generosity by sending her a thoughtful gift. Despite never meeting in person Decker spoke highly of Moore’s kindness and referred to her as a “gem of a human.” This gesture highlighted the amicable relationship between the two women.

In a light-hearted note from the previous year Decker playfully expressed some “resentment” towards Moore for enjoying Roddick’s prime years including his distinctive hair and his victorious moment at the U.S. Open Championship in 2003.

As the years have passed Moore, Roddick and Decker have each embarked on their unique paths. Moore’s heartfelt tribute to Roddick’s U.S. Open win anniversary reflects the enduring impact that relationships can have on shaping one’s life. Despite their separate lives the shared memories and respect among the trio continue to resonate leaving a heartwarming imprint in the world of entertainment and sports.