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Nicolas Cage is an award-winning actor who has become a household name in Hollywood. Due to his outstanding performances in films, he has been a regular face on television screens since the early 1980s. He can be seen in movies like City of Angels, Gone in 60 seconds, Con Air, Face Off, to name a few.

Cage won an Oscar as best actor for his performance in the film Leaving Las Vegas; the same film also earned him a Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe Awards. There are a number of other awards and recognitions in his resume, but they are not the only reason he is in the headlines. Cage’s love life has been pretty busy with several marriages and everything else. Now let’s explore this side of Nicholas Cage that you probably never knew about.

Nicolas Cage at a Glance

Nicolas Cage Roller Coaster Marriages And Facts About His Sons
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Nicolas Cage Multiple Failed Marriages

Some say that Cage is cursed in marriages because he has been involved in quite a few in his life. Here’s a list of Cage’s ex-wives:

Patricia Arquette

  • Married in 1995, they separated in early 1996 and divorced sometime in 2001.

Cage and a friend met the actress Patricia (who was 19 years old at the time) at Canter’s Deli Restaurant in Los Angeles. He went almost as far as freaking her out when he tried to get her to marry him; this was sometime in the late 1980s. They lost contact for a while, but fate brought them back together in the mid-1990s, and they rekindled their love by getting married in 1995, just two weeks after they met again. They got married on the top of a cliff in California, and there was only 1 guest at the ceremony. The marriage went through its ups and downs, with the couple allegedly having a lot of arguments. They filed divorce suits against each other during their marriage and withdrew them before formally untying their marriage knot in 2001.

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Lisa Marie Presley

  • Married in August 2002, divorced sometime in 2004.

Nicolas Cage and Lisa Presley (daughter of music legend Elvis Presley) were married in August 2002 in a romantic ceremony in Hawaii, and in a dramatic turn of events, Cage filed for divorce from his wife just 107 days later, citing insurmountable differences as the main reason for his divorce. Cage explained that he considered his marriage to Lisa a big mistake and reflected that they should not have married at all.

Alice Kim

  • Married in 2004 and divorced sometime in 2016

Alice was Cage’s third marriage attempt. They were married in July 2004 on a private cattle farm in Northern California. She bore Cage’s second son, Kal-El, and they were married for 12 years. In an interview, Cage stated that he did not really want his marriage to end with Kim and that he considered this to be the only real marriage he entered into.

Erika Koike

  • Married in March 2013 and divorced in June 2013

Cage and Koike dated for about a year before they decided to get married; the couple held their relationship back and were first seen together on vacation in Puerto Rico in April 2018. The two finally tied the wedding knots in Las Legas in March 2013 and had barely begun their honeymoon when Cage shocked the world and demanded the annulment or dissolution of their only 4-day-old marriage.

Cage gave some reasons for his request for the annulment of his marriage with Koike. First of all, he explained that before and during his marriage with Koike he was heavily intoxicated and not in the right frame of mind to understand the full implications of his actions. Nicolas Cage revealed that during her courtship, Koike was involved in another relationship that she never revealed to him. He also claimed that Koike had a criminal record in her past. The court granted him a divorce in June 2013.

Other Relationships He Has Been In

Nicolas Cage has dated a number of other women in the past, some of whom are very popular celebrities we know.

He dated Ursula Aubum in the mid-1980s, and in 1987 he was acquainted with the beautiful Venezuelan actress Maria Condita Alonso. He went out with the actress Brooke Shields for about 2 months from December 1987.

Cage had a brief relationship with Ami Dolenz, only for a few months before it ended in April 1988. In the same year, he began dating Christina Fulton and their 3-year relationship produced his first son Weston. However, their relationship ended in 1991.

The actor had a short date with Lisa Stothard in 1990 and it ended within a few months. During his time on the set of the Vegas honeymoon, he had a relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker on the big screen, which some claimed was taken out of the film. Towards the end of 1992, he began dating Kristen Zang, and supposedly they got engaged for about a year in 1993, but the relationship ended in December 1994 without culminating in marriage.

Cage and Angelina Jolie were co-stars in Gone in Sixty Seconds in 2000, and there were rumors that they were together when they were seen kissing in a black tie at an event in 2003.

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Here’s What We Know About Nicolas Cage Sons

Nicolas Cage Roller Coaster Marriages And Facts About His Sons
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Cage has two sons, Weston Coppolla is his first son, who came out of his relationship with Christina Fulton. He is a metal rock musician and an actor like his father. He has appeared in movies like Lord of War, Drives Angry, Joe, etc., in which he partly played at his father’s side.

He was the lead singer of a metal band called Eyes of Noctum, but the band finally split up in 2012. In 2011 he formed another band called Arsh Anubis.

Like his father, Weston has been married and divorced three times and has two children from these relationships. He is multilingual and speaks 5 different languages. He has been on the wrong side of the law several times, including a wild police chase through the city.

Kal-El is the second son of Nicolas Cage, and although he is about 15 years old, he has already followed in his father’s footsteps and plays the lead role of young Bruce Wayne in the movie Teen Titans Go! In the movies, at his father’s side. We hope to see more of him in the future.