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Most people got to know Olesya Rulin from the first episode of the High School Musical trilogy, directed by Kenny Ortega. In the 2006 American musical television movie, Rulin portrayed Kelsi Nielsen, an East High student and a friend of Gabriella and Taylor.

Rulin’s temperament as Kelsi Nielsen earned her the admiration of the audience. As a pianist and composer, Nielsen was very nervous and shy in the company of others. As such, she was always bossed around bossy by Sharpay. The audience was thrilled when she finally learned to stand up for herself.

Beyond her role as Kelsi Nielsen in the High School Musical trilogy, the Russian-American actress is known as Calista Secor in Powers (2016), Emily Smith-Dungy in Family Weekend (2013), Mary in Expected Mary (2010), and Petrovich in Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous (2008).

Olesya Rulin Boyfriend, Dating, Instagram, Body Measurements, Acting Career

Olesya Rulin Wiki, Acting Career

Rulin will celebrate its 32nd birthday in March 2018. She was born Olesya Yurivna Rulin on the 17th day of the month 1986. Although the actress was born in the cosmopolitan capital of Russia – Moscow, she grew up in Likhoslavi, a city in the Likhoslavlsky district of the Tver Oblast.

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It is documented that Olesya Rulin came to the United States at the age of eight. It is said that she came to her father who had emigrated to the USA two years earlier. After she was reunited with her father, they made Texas their home before moving to Utah where Rulin attended West Jordan Middle School. She later graduated from West Jordan High School. That was in 2005.

It is known that Rulin trained as a model and ballet dancer and is a pianist. In several reports, it is reported that her mother encouraged her to participate in a model search contest at the age of 12. It is said that she gave in to her mother’s suggestion and was allowed to represent four agencies.

Before she finally decided to pursue a career as an actress, she worked as a qualified nursing assistant and did other jobs to earn a living. In fact, she is believed to have been serving in a Nordstrom store when the first high school musical was released in January 2006. Similarly, she once announced that she was studying economics in Paris when the second high school musical was cast. According to her, she was “super poor” and “stole the Internet” when the director called her for a role in the second movie.

Olesya Rulin Boyfriend, Dating, Instagram, Body Measurements, Acting Career
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Olesya can read, write and speak Russian fluently, and it is generally assumed that she is Pescetarian. She has played several roles in television series and has appeared alongside well-known personalities in Hollywood. For example, she worked with Jessica Simpson in Private Valentine: Blonde & Gefährlich (Major Movie Star), Heather Locklear, and Billy Ray Cyrus in the 2009 drama by Jim Amatulli – Flying By.

Olesya would agree that her high school musical role was her big breakthrough. This gave her financial power and encouraged her to choose acting as a full-time career. She moved to Los Angeles for this purpose, but that’s not the biggest change. The actress is concerned about her privacy. She once acknowledged acting as her dream job, but then said so:

“… “I have to be careful not to have things on the Internet. And I can’t just roll out of bed and go to the supermarket in my pajamas”.

Olesya Rulin Boyfriend, Dating

Olesya’s fans have been wondering who her boyfriend is since the affection between her and Nico Tortorella collapsed. Olesya went out with the younger American actor and model. People loved the couple and hoped they would become life partners when it turned out that they were no longer together.

It was reported that Olesyah had deleted Nico’s pictures and her couple of pictures from her Instagram. However, Nico still has photos of her in his social media reports.

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Instagram, Body Measurements

 Olesya Rulin Boyfriend, Dating, Instagram, Body Measurements, Acting Career

At the time of writing this report, the actress has 126 thousand followers on Instagram – olesyarulin – and followed 646 reports. We have also connected her with a girl on the website of the blvd, which she described as an insight into her personal life.

Rulin has often been described as beautiful and attractive. She is about 5′ 1″ (1.55 m) tall and her body measurements are 34-24-35 inches.