Paris Jackson refuses to shave and tells critics to mind their own business


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Paris Jackson daughter of the legendary Michael Jackson is making headlines once again this time for a strong message she delivered to critics who commented on her choice to not shave her armpits. The 25-year-old singer found herself at the center of attention after sharing a heartfelt tribute to her late father on what would have been his 65th birthday. However, it wasn’t the tribute itself that caught the internet’s attention but rather the glimpse of her unshaven armpits in an accompanying video.

In the video posted on her Instagram Paris Jackson reminisced about her father while sporting a loose sleeveless dress and an unconventional hairstyle. The attention quickly shifted from her memories to her underarm hair as commenters flooded the post with mixed reactions. Some comments criticized her choice invoking standards of cleanliness while others accused her of using the moment to draw attention to herself. Swiftly responding Paris took to Twitter to address the matter head-on.

Setting the record straight Paris Jackson emphasized that her intention was not to showcase her armpit hair. She explained that she hadn’t shaved it for years and had grown accustomed to its presence. With a dash of humor and a sprinkle of defiance, she encouraged critics to move on from the topic showing a resilient resolve against the online backlash.

The armpit hair debate took a surprising twist as Paris Jackson playfully added “I was pulling my hair up to show my glass-cutting jawline.” Her witty response garnered support from fans who admired her for staying true to herself armpit hair and all. Messages of encouragement flooded in praising her authenticity and confidence.

In the video, Paris Jackson shared personal insights into her father’s aversion to birthday celebrations highlighting his reluctance to acknowledge his own special day. Michael Jackson famously known as the King of Pop had an intricate relationship with birthdays shying away from the limelight they often brought. Paris revealed that he even discouraged his children from celebrating his birthdays with parties underscoring his desire for a more low-key approach.

Paris Jackson refuses to shave and tells critics to mind their own business

However, the social media age has rewritten the rules of birthday well-wishes and Paris Jackson shed light on the pressure she feels to publicly commemorate her father’s birthday. A simple absence of a social media tribute has led to unwarranted assumptions about her feelings a reality she candidly voiced. She recounted instances where the absence of a birthday post led to an avalanche of negative comments even reaching the extent of cyberbullying.

Despite the online noise, Paris Jackson received an outpouring of support from fans and followers. Many applauded her for choosing authenticity over societal expectations. Meanwhile, her brothers Prince and Blanket who rarely step into the public eye made a surprise appearance in Las Vegas to honor their father’s birthday. The two engaged with fans outside a Michael Jackson-themed performance signing autographs and posing for pictures.

Addressing her audience during a recent stage performance Paris Jackson emotionally expressed her gratitude for her father’s legacy. She acknowledged the years of dedication passion and hard work he put into his craft which paved the way for her to pursue her own artistic endeavors. With conviction, she proclaimed that everything she had achieved on stage was indebted to her father’s influence and inspiration.

In a world that often pressures individuals to conform Paris Jackson’s refusal to adhere to conventional beauty standards and her unwavering commitment to honoring her father’s memory stand as testaments to her individuality and strength. As she confidently asserts her right to choose how she commemorates her father she sets an example for authenticity in an online world often dominated by judgment and criticism.